A Hand That Will Never Be a Fist

A Hand That Will Never Be a Fist was the third and final album by the alt-rock band Robin and the Redheads. Composed following their lead singer’s mysterious “return from the dead” in Autumn 2005, it is believed by many to be their best album of all.


Sadly, after lead singer Robin Gates’ actual death in September 2006, the band never got to truly enjoy the success of this masterpiece.


Track List

  1. “Hannah”
  2. “The Glassless Mirror”
  3. “The Problem With Pachyderms”
  4. “Every Good Relationship With Your Mother Involves Lies”
  5. “My Last Punk-Rock Friend”
  6. “Mere Mortals and Golden Gods”
  7. “Gooseflesh and Green Sand”
  8. “The Bits We Cannot See”
  9. “The World I Leave Behind”
  10. “It’s the Murder That Makes the Ice Cream Taste Great”
Record, Musical (Music, Sheet)


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