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Realm of Dava

Written by Salen

The Realm of Dava is a relative place not anywhere on Tamia at all, but slightly to the left. Faeries used to call this Stepping sideways to the Moon, but in reality its crossing dimensional pathways with the aid of Ether. Dava is the ultimate power here in this realm, and any who oppose him in this domain are either evil or planning on a swift defeat  


Time does not flow normally here in this realm, and beings who visit here will find its effects disquieting at best. For every minute they spend here in this realm, one hour goes by in the real world. Fortunately, any being who resides in this realm sees their wounds heal very quickly and in some forgotten texts it is said that the dead can be brought back if they haven't been too far lost, yet Dava has not commented on this speculation. Stories about people coming back after disappearing and having their wounds erased are probably attributed to this place.


The Realm of Dava consists of a stone hall, like in an ancient castle. High ceilings sport hanging torches from wrought iron braces, and a large white marble table sits with thirteen seats around it. A large sword rests in the center of this table, and music chimes softly in the distance. The realm is small only to the eyes and is the appropriate size for any who enter here. Any being that is powerful enough to find this place, or those that are invited, find that it is as big or small as it needs to be at that moment. The realistic feel of this dimension is just like visiting an imposing King and their echoes reverberate longer than they should in the empty room.
Dimensional plane
Dava, God of Healing & Protection
Characters in Location
Dava, God of Healing & Protection

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