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Church of Light

Written by Salen

The followers of the Church of Light are many, and any warrior or knight that seeks to preserve life calls this Church their home. Healers of any race, adepts, and even mages that control water and ether can flock to this Church, as well as everyday people that seek to help others. Since Dava is the most talked about God, other than Syll, he usually is the defunct God for those that aren't really religious.


The church of Light, devoted to the Dava, God of Healing and Protection, was one of the first organized religions started by the refugee's after Star Fall. They banded together and a wayward Priest called for people to gather around him so he could better tend their wounds. It was he that the humans rallied behind and started looking for a suitable place to start building, and he led them to the large lake in the middle of the continent. Here they built the first church and huddled within it as they erected walls and compounds to live in and survive.

Divine Origins

The origin of the Church of Light is pulled from the time that they started the first church in what is now Everloom. They were beset n by a small horde of goblins in the night of the first year and the wayward Priest, now the Head Priest of Dava, called upon his God for light with which to see their enemies. His staff glowed with a holy light for the duration of the battle, creating neither smoke nor flame. It was then that the people knew that their God could hear them again and grant them prayers.

Tenets of Faith

The Tenants of Dava's faith are very simple. He is not a God of many words, but of action. He implores his followers to:
  • Help others in all ways.
  • If they need protection, guard them.
  • If they need healing, save them.
  • If you have to fight to do either, make sure you win.


The everyday people worship Dava in many different ways, but the most common is to great the sunrise with your fist over your heart and pray for protection throughout the day.  
Dava, grant me protection from the things that wish me harm, and let the day go by without injury.


The Priesthood is made up of different titles and positions throughout the land, though for an organized religion of a God of little words, these titles are functionary and simple. The acolytes, are found in every church from the smallest shrine to the largest cathedral. They keep the lights lit and the doors ready to welcome any who need help. The Priests are only found in city churches and work as healers and defenders for the week. These churches usually are safe houses in times of war and all Priests are fully combat trained. The Head Priests, of which there are only 2, are only found in the largest of Cathedrals. These beings are the most powerful casters of Prayers in Tamia and it takes a lifetime to get to this level of power. They work miracles for the sick and wounded, and are always ready to throw themselves into the fray to save a life.

Granted Divine Powers

Dava grants prayers to his loyal Priests (acolytes cannot cast prayers). These prayers can take the form of anything the Priest needs at the moment, from healing to calling down fire upon their enemies. Below is a quick list of just some of the Prayers that have been recorded in the history books:
  • Healing (various strengths) - These heal wounds from a scratch to a severed limb.
  • Shielding - These prayers help protect the weak and injured and can withstand damage until the Priest's stamina holds out.
  • Rain of Fire - This prayer calls down a field of heavenly fire to drench their enemies.
  • Weapon blessing - This prayer makes the weapons touched fire quicker and deal more damage.

Be the Light of Life

Founding Date
22 SR
Religious, Organised Religion
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