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Augmentation Center

Augmentation Centers are where people go to have cybernetic enhancments and robotics installed as well as a wide array of different augmentations. Getting an aug costs a lot and there are many who only have up to one or two due to how expensive it is with augmentations.

Purpose / Function

This building serves as a place where people can get enhanced beyond human capabilities.


Aug House rooms are usually dark and have a bench in the middle for customers to lay down on while the aug technician works on installing their new enhancement.


There is usually only one door to enter and exit from, and rarely any windows at all.

Sensory & Appearance

Upon entry people can usually notice a smell as if something is burning, likely due to the equipment they use having to run rather hot.

Contents & Furnishings

Computers and a robotics bench known as Augmentor in the center of the room.

Hazards & Traps

There are turrets installed as security in Aug Houses in case anyone tries to steal or pick a fight.

Alternative Names
Aug House
Barber / Dentist / Surgery
Parent Location
Haven City

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