Oceanian Commonwealth


The Ocean Assembly is the ruling government that is in charge of the island states of Oceania.

Public Agenda

The preserve are independence and build a more prosperous future for our people.


Androids armies, large navy, minerals, silver and gold


Oceania, one of the largest regions in the world. To think thatchy were just a series of former island colonies a century ago. Now their the largest trading empire in the world. They were one of the few places able hold out during the war and one of the first of the nations to rise. While the rest of the world was fighting over the remains they where building their navies and expanding their influence. By the time anyone could realize it they had of the Pacific Ocean and its resource. They are unified under one cause, survival and they plan on winning.Their chances even increased when Australia and New Zealand joined the fold, allowing the access to the Indian Ocean for new trading lanes. One have thought of having war with them for control of the region, but never even try because their navy since it larger than everyone else's. Soon enough they became the wealthiest nations in the world in more than a decade. Even buying combat androids for their army. But they are having a. crisis as global warming raises the sea levels, many islands have been sinking into the sea leaving thousands homeless. May have live in the self made island cities to give the food and shelter and fishing industry is going down hill due to over fishing, leaving thousands more starving. Trade can only help you foe so long. The clock is ticking and it seems sooner or later times going to run out for them is they can't find a solution. Not to mention the rise of pirate activity in the area since people are having trouble making a living and they often resort to piracy just to make an minimal income to live by. There often shots fired that are heard throughout the region, meaning that pirates are always near by, either raiding a ship or facing the navy.

Demography and Population

Population varies from region to region since most of it is made up islands with very few large body of land, except for Australia and New Zealand. Then there are the self made settlements build on the water to deal with over population and those who lost their home to rising sea levels. They often have to tied down to make sure they don't float away with the current. There are at least one hundred million people in the entire Pacific.


The entire Pacific Ocean belongs to the commonwealth, with that they are one of the largest nations in the world for holding that much territory. But much the world believes that the Pacific is neutral waters and all trading should be allowed through in without permission from the commonwealth. But the commonwealth disagrees since it is a threat to their national security if anyone tries to military forces into the area and start an invasion of all of Oceania.


The entire military is made up of androids since the population is Unable to train so many troops since they take up too many resources. The only states able to produce an actual military forces are Australia and New Zealand. Both of which are masters of sea warfare and naval invasions, making it difficult so any one to actually stop them. As for the air force, its non existent since they don't have the means to build them or store them. They even go as far as higher mercenaries for extra muscle and if you pay them right amount, they might tell you some important details about how a their former military forces work inside out. The navy is their largest branch due to the size of the commonwealth that they often have to patrol. It said that it the largest known navy in the word, with all of the state of the art weaponry that they need to keep anyone from trying to enter their territory and if they do it won't be easy. But is doesn't mean that it will keep away pirates since the have nothing to lose to begin with. The only air force that they have is often come from New Zealand and Australia, but they are not as advanced.

Technological Level

The commonwealth doesn't really have any ground braking technology that most of the world has, but they do have energy weapons that they often by off the black market just to keep their troops and ships are a lethal as possible.


Christianity rule over the islands ever since missionaries came along centuries ago. Of course they often see the praying for later since they often have make sure they don't end up in an early grave from starvation. There are other native religions that still exist on some the islands but not many people practice them, making them nothing more than a minority. Then theres this crazy cut that appeared over a decade ago, calling themselves the Children of the Sea who are said to worship a sea god that will grant them safety and nourishment to who ever follow him. That is nothing more than desperate people doing desperate things and desperate time. Then again some of them might as well believe it not that it matters any way, The cult is often consider illegal are an incident with a government official being kidnap and almost murder because their god told them to do so.

Foreign Relations

By controlling the Pacific, the commonwealth controls all trade in the region. Meaning they are the only reason that ships are allowed to cross for trade, if your aren't friendly with them that means that you won't be able trade at all. Their biggest enemies are the Sino-Japanese Empire because their aggressive expansion in the last few decades, with many fearing an invasion, with many remembering the Japanese Empire and their invasion of the Pacific over a century ago. Though they claim that they would not do such a thing, they aren't taking any chances. The United States of North America are their largest trade partners with them on friendly terms, along with The Theocracy of Albah which they often trade oil with. As for the rest of the world, they often remain neutral with them, even when trading. Making them a love hate relationship in the process.

Agriculture & Industry

Industry is every thing to them, since they can only produce so much food at a time, but with factories they can work all day long without any waiting. Which they often use to make gold trinkets and build more ships for their fleets. But most of the other they often make what is required in day to day society these are, androids, weapons, parts for floating cities, tools and every other thing that is a necessity to growth and prosper. As for food they often resort to fishing which doesn't produce much as it use to and crops which they often turn smaller uninhabited islands in massive farms just to feed people.

Trade & Transport

The sea is their bread basket and they can just go about anywhere in the world especially when you have a top of the line trading fleet to carry as much as you want when you want. No one even bothers stoping them at all, since they have control over the high seas. Though their boats are quite cheap made by normal standards, meaning that they are often using outdate equipment and ship designs to save a quick buck.


Education is often entitled to those who have time for it, since most people are out all day to feed themselves and their families. Most of is homeschooled to since the government doesn't want to waste any founds on more important projects, like building coastal barriers around islands and mass food accelerator to feed the masses. So education often varies from person to person in the commonwealth. Which means many kids are often getting into trouble to with gangs often being found everywhere having turf wars or causing riots in the process. Those who do have an education can get a decent good at a factory or and government office is they choose or go into the trading business to just deliver goods or he rest of their lives. Which most people are taught how to swim and operate a boat because there might not be that much land to stand on in the next few year if the water keeps rising.


Infrastructure is at an average on the commonwealth, but its often hard to keep it since no one really put any money into repairing some of it, the floating cities usually are given more attention to. Most people of often bath with sea water as well to save on fresh water and its considered a much healthier solution. As long as you don't mind smelling like a fish for the rest of your days. Boats are the usual way to travel in region since they are cheap and they are easy to maintain. You just have to deal with how long its going to take you to travel to a certain place, not to mention the weather which can change at any time. But if you head down to Australia and new Zealand you just about have everything you ever need to live a nice life. Which is why many people have been immigrating to them when their islands start to sink.

To work with intent and with purpose.

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Republic
Alternative Names
Oceania, the commonwealth
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Tide Dollar
Major Exports
Oceania is the top producers in iron ore, nickel, gold, uranium, diamonds, coal, silver, and limestone. They often sell exotic animal as well since more of their habitats are gone and they might as well make some money of of them before they go extinct.
Major Imports
Food, electronics, and metals are what they need to stay a float or they just might fall apart if they don't.
Legislative Body
Assembly of Islands is uncharge of the laws of the land.
Judicial Body
The Court of Islands keeps order with the laws of the land or in this case, sea.


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