European Federation


Like many democracies a President is at the top of the ladder, but it is more of a adminisreative role that does not involve military intervention. The European Parliament is the main legislative body of the federation. All laws are created here and in forced. They have more control over the military in order to keep in line. The military is the only thing that is keeping the federation since it was created through force and use all their power to kept that way. They are often given authority over parliament in times of war.

Public Agenda

To return Europe to it former glory by any means necessary.


Since there many territories where lost during the war the the European power’s resources are limited to that of Europe already has. Meaning some resources are more restrictive than others. Most of those resources are controlled by the state only so that they can be used properly. Most of it goes to the military which is much larger with their fleet of ships and massive army.


The European Union collapsed several years before the war end and when it finally ended, Europe’s militaries banded together to unite europe under one banner. This of was started since anarchists and rouge political parties where trying to take over as much territory as possible to retain power over one another. All other governments on the continent where either dead or still in hiding at the time. Making the military the only power capable of returning the peace in Europe. The wars would last for years and many more lives would be lost in the process. But final after all the dust settled the continent was at piece once more. The federation would be formed after with new governments taking over for old ones. Most of them were former military personnel as well giving the necessary influence to make the federation possible. After that they began heavily militarizing in order to defend themselves from attack. When they were final done they then began to rebuild Europe from scratch. As the rest of the world started to rebuild itself, the federation tried to expand in westward in order to reclaim former Russian territories for themselves, but have been stopped the Anarchist States and could not muster their troops due several complications. One of them being the The Theocracy of Albah invading Greece and the Anarchist raiders raiding into Poland. Forcing them to fight for several more year until a truce was made. Europe has now been on the defensive ever since and tensions are always high on the borders. But that does not meaning the cannot be the aggressor in conflicts either. They have been to as be asgressive as the Sino-Japanese Empire at time and have been known to send strike teams behind enemy line to cause chaos to their benefit.

Demography and Population

Combining all the countries of Europe has given the federation of a billion people. But it continues to climb as refugees from the surrounding region are trying gain entry to gain safety and asylum. Other than that the population of the federation has free access to travel from country to country without identification. But laws differ for every country you travel to along with population control.


The Federation controls most of Europe except for what used to be Russia. With many Europeans wanting to reclaim it for the federation. All former Europeans territories have also been lost from the war making Europe the only territory they have left.


The military deals in one thing only, heavy weaponry. From combat suits to assault vehicles the federation wants them to last longer than the enemy. Making them the most lethal army in the world. The army consists of heavy combat vehicles that often the first to be sent into battle and infantry is sent in after which are also wear heavy power armor for protection. They also a second branch of the military know as the European Foreign Legion, which is made up of immigrants and refugees who fight in their war to gain citizenship. The Navy might not be the biggest or the strongest but they are the most durable making them harder to sink. As for the air force many of its air craft are heavily armored and weaponized as well, being able to obliterate the enemy and transport troops safely while under enemy fire.

Technological Level

Engineering has made Europe a highly productive society in the long run with cities being able to be worked on by repair drones on a daily basis. Their machines are also more durable than most making able to survive in most weather conditions and take quite the some of damage before breaking. Weapons are the most advanced since they are made from entry practicals able to penetrate most armor around. Most influential technology they ever created was algae bio fuel.


Christianity is the dominate religon in Europe and the federation has become less tolerate of other religions due to heighten tenses of other nations. Causing reglious groups to be deported or sent to ghettos. Most of this is because they believe that they will become terrorists with any chance they get because of their faith.

Foreign Relations

Europe is its own worst enemy. It took war to unite Europe and were are still tension between countries because of it, causing in fighting in the process. The world does not want to work with them either since in one point or another Europeans have spreader their influence over them and took advantage of them. Not to mention every major conflict has started in Europe no matter who started it first. Making Europe heading into a decline that it has not seen since the dark ages. War is a common threat to them since they surrounded by enemies on all sides.

Agriculture & Industry

European farming has been past down and improved for centuries and it is still being used to this day. Crops and livestock are in abundance in the region, but it has rationed to the population since their are so many of them. Which is why citizens are given food stamps weekly to gain an equal share and not horde food or it might go to waste. As for industry it often with engineering, especially cars since German engineering is considered the best in the world. With many native and foreign customers wanting to buy them. Another is clean energy since it power most of Europe by using using wind and hydro power to power its cities. Along algae being used as a substitute for fossil fuels. Weapons manufacturing is also the largest in the world with many of it being stockpiled across the continent. While a the rest of it is sold to private armies and security. But some of it also manages to get on the black market to be to taken by practically everyone.

Trade & Transport

The oceans of the world are the only war Europe can trade with the world since are craft are to valuable to use and it is easier to travel since their unable ti move across land outside if Europe due hostilities towards them. So cargo ships are the only way to trade with the rest if the world who wants to trade with them. As for inland territory rail way are used to transport goods from place to place. Theses railways connect to the whole continent making resources attainable in only a few hours. But they are not built outside of Europe due to hostiles between nations.


The education of the Federation is used to create nationalists across Europe. Most children are sent to school as for the rest they often come from poor familes become delinquents later in life. The young are taught that Europe is the bastion of civilization and that the rest of the world want to destroy it. This makes its citizens xenophobic to foreigners and creates tensions with immigrant across the territories. Its also way to create patriotism in order to have more youth join the military later in life. As for later education anyone can choose the job the want at an early age to make devoting resources much easier, but most favor jobs in the military, engineering and farming since they are the most vital. The rest of just choose what ever job suits them the most and go on with their lives. As for language barriers most are taught English as a second at an early age since its easy to teach and understand. Environmental issues are also taught in school to keep it citizens from wasting its resources and be open minded in protecting the environment. But depending on where you live education can differ depend on nationality and region.


Most of Infrastructure of Europe is based in its cities which have advanced themselves of the last few decades. Creating a productive society in the process. Sanitation is a most important thing in the cities since plagues have happened during the war and many people began projects to deal with waste reduction and diseases control. Railways are the most common type of transportation since it less expensive than using a car. Many cities where destroyed during the war so they where redesigned to house more people as well allowing several people to live in an adequate amount of space to live in. As for outside off the cities they tend to be rural in the most part. With many people ling in towns and villages to mange to live quite well in the peaceful countryside. Wind and hydro power are bulk of energy that powers the federation and the rest is powered by bio fuel. Not all places are the sea sin Europe so some countries are more advanced than others.

Honor and Duty

Founding Date
Political, Federation
Alternative Names
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Major Exports
Luxury engineered goods are what makes to most money in Europe and it will continue to do so. They also sell their algae based fuel in order to make more money in the process.
Major Imports
Raw materials are all that matter since the E.F, need everything they can get ti improve the live of their citizens and continue their military. Along with extra food to feed more of it people.
Legislative Body
Parliament is the main body of the federation with representatives from across Europe to decide what’s best for the country. It is moved every time new president is elected and it is conduct in their home country is a sign of good faith and to show that one state alone does not have too much power over the others.
Judicial Body
The Court of Justice is the keeper of law and order. They also in charge of peacefully dealing with federation members having disputes with one another.


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