This world has its similarities to the Earth on the Medieval Ages, however humans aren't the only racional species and there is magic, a form of force. It also has some truly unique biomes compared to those of the earth.
It lives in a age post the falling of many great empires and all over small kingdoms are being formed, but the pains and resentment of the former empires still lives.
The story will be set mostly in the region on Eolia, on Wrun Valley Capital of the Kingdom of Credigary.

The DM's are Thomas Ferreira and Martim Viana.
Have I written enough here? Hope so.

Created by

Thomas Ferreira @Masterdutch98

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Pride was his strength but also his greatest downfall. Most of his problems seemed to be related to it one way or another but, until now he had managed to get by mostly unscathed. Not anymore. His latest encounter with the La Barbera Family left Lucky without his left hand and with a wounded pride. For once in his life, he was actually glad Ruby wasn’t around. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if she ever saw him like this, broken and defeated. After his wounds were healed (with the exception of his left hand, which was now floating in a jar in his office), Lucky returned to running The Squeaky Duck Boys’ activities. But now he remained locked in the office where only the main members were allowed in. He had managed to keep the fact that he had lost his hand a secret that only his closest allies knew, and now spent all of his free time researching ways to recover his missing limb. The injury affected Lucky more than he let on. Although the physical injury hindered his life, the psychological damage was the most devastating. His sense of grandiosity was shattered and he was left questioning his skills.

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Squeaky Duck Boys in Gangs, Mafias and Criminal Organizations
Creation Date
12 Mar, 2018
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13 Mar, 2018


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