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Nestled on the banks of the Ornesian River, Ostbridge stands as a mighty keep guarding the eastern coast of the Arcalian continent. Established during the Founding Wars, the keep was made as the continent's first line of defense against the multiple invasion forces from the competing nations.


Being established as a keep first, town second, Ostbridge is primarily populated by soldiers and guardsmen. There is a small bit of an economy present but mostly trade comes from traveling merchants.


Ostbridge is controlled by the baron of the lands whose territory includes the lands to the north of the Ornesian River and south of the foothills in the northern.


Surrounded by mighty stone walls, Ostbridge is a well constructed fortress and is equiped with numerous heavy weapons along the ramparts as well as a large drawbridge the allow entry.


As it is primarily a town relying on imports, the only industry that is done in the town itself is the work of the various blacksmiths and armor-smiths. All other goods and commodities come from either the laborers living outside the walls or from the traveling merchants.


Built as first and foremost a military keep, Ostbridge is full of guard posts and high walls. Inside the walls, the buildings and marketplaces are very spartan and are only used to make the essentials.
Outpost / Base
Location under
Gen Doleg
Owning Organization
Kingdom of Arcalia

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