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14th day of Lok, year 351 of the Severance Era.

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A splintered, fracturing world, separated into two. The floating isles far above, and the great abyss deep below. There is not much by way of sentient life here, but decrepit buildings and ships speak to what once was.   These lands are haunted by what was once supposed to protect them. A great winged serpent, corrupt and unstable. She haunts the sky and islands, searching desperately for her creator, her mistress, and the one who ultimately attempted to destroy her.   There is much unknown about Drumesia, though each island tends to be largely populated by their own specialized species. Biomes between the islands vary wildly; one may be a wild forest, the next, a barren desert. The only way to travel between them is to be capable of flight, though few are. What land bridges exist are often broken within days, by the stress of climate or the islands drifting. The beasts that inhabit the lands- for they are beasts- are driven by base instincts, the highest among them engaging in ritual beheadings, and the least being little more than murderous pack hunters.

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