A northern sub-continent full of mountains, with barren icy tundra mixed with more habitable greener areas below the Tri Sister Mountains. The harsh, freezing climate is not the only feature visitors and habitats must face. Savage tribes, rabid beasts and scarce forageable food; however, this does not deter folks away due to the land's richness of resources and minerals.




Springtime, too much of the relief of most creatures the snow begins to melt and return North. People start attending to their crops and livestock, for preparations for the next winter.


Daylight lasts the longest in this season, providing stunning views of the sunrise and sunset across the horizon of each of the coasts.


The time of harvest and preparations of the cold winter days ahead. Wildlife also begins to prepare for hibernation during the Winter, which means they'll need feeding. Visitors are warned to be aware of beasts roaming the lands, or be their meal.


During this season, the snow begins to fall further south; reaching below the Tri Sister Mountains. Koldrheim is perhaps most dangerous at these times too, as the freezing weather can take the lives of those who do not take precautions to stay warm. It is also the time when the Dwarves of Koldrheim start their ritual for Dwarven Marble.


Tri Sister Mountains

Waking up each morning between 2 lovely ladies, Mysmera and Myrnar; is more than a Mystdillian dwarf can ask for. Oh, how their icy peaks sparkle in a midsummer's eve is a view to die for. That's not to mention the gifts they bare from deep within.
— A passage from a guardsdwarf & resident of Fort Mystdille

Visitors of Koldrheim would first be greeted by the view of the 3 mountains, The Tri Sisters; Mysmera, Myrnar and Mystdille.

Mysmera is regarded as the older sister of the 3, as she is the largest and most central. She stands at around 21,000 ft above sea level, just around 300 ft taller than Myrnar. Some scholars suggest she is not the oldest, and in fact, it is Mystdille who is the elder sister; but at the same time, others claim the same for Myrnar. They argue, just because one is taller; it does not equate to being older.


The Fractured Lands

Located in the North East of Koldrheim, The Fractured Lands.

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