Last Hope Trauma Dressing

Developed by Last Hope as a combat field dressing, the LHTD has become a staple across military field kits across the Merican' Spanse. With a simple application, anyone with even the slightest medical knowledge can quickly and effectively apply the bandage to a dying Lineage to quickly stop bleeding and contain traumatic spillage.


Item Type: Gizmo

Keywords: Gizmo, Single-Use

Skills Required to Use: Basic Medical

Expiration: 3 Months

Item Details/Special Rules: Single Use Gizmo

Basic Mechanics: Requires Basic Medical to Use - You may spend 10 seconds of Full-Engagement Roleplay on a Patient who is in Bleed Out. At the end of that 10 seconds, the person is Stabilized and their Bleed Out counter stops.

Item type

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