Last Hope Emergency Splint

As battlefield survivability has increased amongst the combat troops of contemporary militaries, increasingly the disabled limb has become the injury crippling many an advance or chance to exploit a critical opportunity. Thankfully, Last Hope is here to help with the Last Hope Emergency Splint (LHES)! Simply apply the plaster paste to an unsuspecting or willing patient and apply the catalytic agent. Don't mind the second degree burns from the thermo catalyst, those won't hinder movement!


Item Type: Gizmo

Keywords: Gizmo, Single-Use, Last Hope

Skills Required to Use: Proficient Medical

Expiration: 3 Months

Item Details/Special Rules: Single Use Gizmo

Proficient Mechanics: Requires Proficient Medical to Use - You may spend 10 seconds of Full-Engagement Roleplay on a Patient who has a limb under the effects of Mangle. At the end of that 10 seconds, choose one limb that is under the effect of Mangle and call “Stabilize Limb 5 Minutes”. A Stabilized limb can function normally for the duration of the effect, but the Stabilize effect will end if the limb is hit by a Strike or Ranged Attack. Makes 2.

Crafting Requirements:

Skills Required to Craft: Proficient Artisan and Lore: Medical

Craftable Items:

  • Proficient: Last Hope Emergency Splint

Basic Scrap
Combustible Materials
Red Milkweed

Blueprint Copying Requirements: Proficient Educated, Lore: Medical, 2 Basic Herb, 20 Mind, and 30 Minutes

Item type

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