Last Hope Cold Wash Injection

Originally developed by Last Hope as an emergency lifesaving measure, more effective and cheaper medical tech has largely rendered the Cold Wash Hypo inferior to other offerings that allowed the soldier in question to walk away from the battlefield. Still, it has found a niche market amongst a more... discerning crowd.


Item Type: Single Use Injected Brew

Keywords: Injected Brew, Last Hope

Skills Required to Use: N/A

Expiration: 6 Months

Item Details/Special Rules: Injections have an instant effect.

Basic Mechanics: For the next 5 Minutes you are Unconscious, immune to Killing Blow and Murder, and your Bleed Out timer is paused (this includes if you fall into Bleed Out during this time). You can not resist or prevent the Unconscious effect in any way and you can not be woken up. If someone uses a skill, item, or ability to diagnose your status or any effect you are under you appear Dead.

  • Special: Target of this item must be either Willing or Incapacitated.

Crafting Requirements:

Skills Required to Craft: Culinary and Lore: Medical

Craftable Items:

  • Basic: Last Hope Cold Wash Injection

Rare Herb
Viral Hemlock
Infectious Material

Blueprint Copying Requirements: Basic Educated, Lore: Medical, 2 Basic Herb, 10 Mind, and 20 Minutes

Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine

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