Llyn Dinas

Gateway between Earth and Dinas Emrys

Sunset at Llyn Dinas. Slowly thickening clouds form a coat of fog. Across the lake the sun dips into the fog and blood red water. It will be dark soon. The cloudy sky reveals the moon, showing the waning face and only able to see itself in the lake once the sun has left the stage. The lake is now turning from red into silver. The silence broken by eery whistling sounds and splashing. Then the silence returns... a soft breeze tickles the reed.


Between the rolling hills in Wales, in a area called Snowdonia, nature has formed multiple lakes. One of the larger and deeper lakes, Llyn Dinas in local language, has formed as a reservoir on the Afon Glaslyn (the river passing through the area).

Fauna & Flora

Hills and rocky cliffs surround the lake. The hills are most grass, dirt, bushes and a few trees. The rocky side is covered with patches of green moss. along the waterline stretches a long wall, one meter high covered with vines. In the lake we find only small patches of algae. (more to add)

Natural Resources

The lake holds very clean and pure fresh water. There are many different kinds of fish. The rocks are partially harvested and the trees are only 15 years old. replated after the great fires during the summer of ....

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Author's Notes

author's notes

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