Vulcan is the only planet orbiting Toliman, the dimmer component of the Alpha Centauri binary system. It serves as the hellish counterpart to the Eden-like Fortuna. Vulcan is a venusian hellworld; an arid, scorching wasteland beneath a dense, opaque atmosphere of sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. Its sub-cloud surface temperature is around two thousand degrees Fahrenheit, and a single immense cyclonic storm blankets the entire solar hemisphere.

SHEO Vulcan.png
Vulcan seen through the SHEO-I telescope.
Location under
Alpha Centauri
Location 4.37 ly from Sol

Orbital Characteristics

Semi-major axis 0.53 AU
Semi-minor axis 0.50 AU
Orbital period 125.84 days
Rotation period 125.84 days
Natural satellites 0

Planetary Characteristics

Class large scorched venusian (V)
Radius 10796.9 km (1.69 x REarth)
Surface area 1.46e+9 km2
Volume 5.27e+12 km3
Mass 4.36e+25 kg (7.3 x MEarth)
Gravity 24.8 m/s2
Atmospheric pressure 400 atm
Atmosphere composition
  • 62% CO2
  • 36% SO2
  • 2% other gases
Average temperature 1100°C


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