Tau Ceti

Tau Ceti, known to the skae as Ra/ku, is the home system of the skae and their homeworld Ra'na. It is a very important link in the deep space travel network, and a valuable member of the core USSC. The skae have also allowed Prometheans to settle on Ke'mir, a titanoid world in the system, as part of their interspecies contact treaty established in 12180 UME.

At the center of the system is the G8V-type yellow subdwarf star Ra/ku, the only star in the system. The system orbits a barycenter caused by the presence of Aav'el, a large J-class planet.



The Tau Ceti system is close to the heart of known space, in the southern celestial hemisphere.


Tau Ceti / Ra'ku

  1. Ash’kol (s)
  2. Ev’har (s)
  3. Ki’maa (v)
  4. Hak’ao (d)
  5. Pon’whe* (o)
  6. Ra'naΔ (tr)
  7. Aav’el (j)
  8. Ke’mirπ (ti)
  9. Lan’val (j)
  10. Dao’gar (n)

For more information, visit the Wikipedia page on Tau Ceti.

Fauna & Flora

The Tau Ceti system hosts a single unique genesis group: the Ranagenids.

Alternative Name(s)
Ra/ku System
Star System
Included Locations
Universal Star Catalogue designation USC 024
Native name Ra/ku
Location Local Interstellar Cloud, Local Bubble, Orion–Cygnus Arm, Milky Way, Virgo Supercluster
Proximal system YZ Ceti (1.6 ly)

System Structure

System diameter (farthest orbit) 1.4e+11 km (Dao'gar)
System diameter (helioshock) 2.1e+10 km
System mass 0.9370 Msol

Endemic Bodies

Central star Tau Ceti / Ra/ku
Stellar type G8V
Known planets 10
Known dwarf planets 36
Biotic bodies 1
Colony worlds 2

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