Oct. 3, 2957 CE

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The Diaspora is an exploration of humanity’s future within the local stellar group. The various projects set within the universe explore humanity’s path to the stars and their interactions with the other sapient denizens of the interstellar neighborhood, as well as the history and ecology of the myriad worlds scattered throughout known space.  


Please be aware that the Diaspora is currently undergoing major revisions, and not all public articles are up-to-date with current official canon just yet. Some parts of this encyclopedia contain information that is inaccurate. Your patience and continued readership is appreciated!
The Diaspora Project
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Known Space (13000 UME)
In the 130th century of the Universal Modern Era (2900s CE), known space extends in a roughly spherical radius from Sol of about ten parsecs, or 32.6 lightyears; inhabited space only extends to roughly 6.5 parsecs (22 ly). RCC (rimor) territory exceeds the boundaries of known space by a few lightyears, but is not included on this map. Locations are arranged radially by right ascension (systems placed based on PHL-NSC and SIMBAD data).