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Over two thousand years have passed since the fall of the old world. Much was lost in the fire and destruction, and even more lost in the hazy years since. The collapse shattered the laws of physics and magic and left only four small, broken continents and a whole bunch of islands. Almost all of the world is unstable, changing from one moment to another, making much of it uninhabitable to normal humans. We come to the continent of Argis, one of the largest and most stable on the planet. Much of it is made up of impossible landscapes; flying mountains, shifting swamps and glowing radioactive craters. The stable part of the land is in the midst of a war between the natives and invaders from across the shimmering archipelago. In the midst of this physical and political turmoil, an unlikely group of five have all have left or been forced from their homes and are off as a ragtag group of mercenaries to go somewhere, probably do something, and try not to anger anyone important along the way. They journey through wild and unpredictable landscapes, helping people out along the way.

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