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Darkest Lights Universe

August 10th, 2399

Created by

It’s 2399, almost 200 years to the day The Last Revolution ended. In the span of the 25-year war, the social hierarchy of most of the formerly European and American controlled world had been switched on its axis, and now people of color have a grip on the world's functioning. Then there is Canada, where Professor Olowe teaches, that has kept the old world social structure in their supposedly liberal way. The people of Canada often never leave, even the ones who are people of color, never getting to see a world where they are in charge firsthand. In retaliation, Olowe has recruited three black Canadian students; Amari Lee, Rosalind Matthews, and Viola Archer, to study abroad in the country that has risen in the ashes of the old America: The Democratic Confederation of States. The DCS' beauty, wealth, and culture are enticing to the trio as they interview people that they meet in and around the country's flagship university, Paramount-Johnson. They believe that they are living in a utopia where people that look like them rule equally and fairly. However, as they dig deeper into the history and secrets that everyone in the States hides, they start to find out that not everything is perfect in paradise, especially when this supposed paradise shares a lot of similarities to their predecessor.

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