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The Wounded Whaler

The Wounded Whaler is a large tavern and brothel located within the town of Sirensong. It is owned by the strong willed and strong-bodied Mildred Wald, who protects the girls and handles any ruffians with her trusty mace which is affectional called "Problem Solver".


The Wounded Whaler is a narrow, two story wooden building with a stone basement and a high peaked roof shingled in flat stones from the rocky shores of the Shivering Coast. Its exterior is made of bare wooden planks that have been worn smooth and colorless by the heavy rains, sleet, snow, and fog of the region. Its windows are made of thick, gray-tinged lead glass and framed in black wrought iron.   Despite the Wounded Whaler's dreary exterior, the inside is blissful and lively. Its interior draped in green-tinged light from whale-oil lamps and a hearty fireplace burning ash wood from the nearby forest. The main floor is open, with a small bar providing strong drink to its customers. A kitchen rests behind the bar, preparing local specialties made of fish, whale, and wild game. Although unpainted, the walls of the lobby are marked with passing messages, lewd carved images, and names of lost crewmembers. The air here is filled with the acrid smell of filthy sea water, pipeweed, and liquor that permeates every room and the surrounding area.   It's tables appear to have survived countless battles, having been smashed and rebuilt time and time again. Every chair here seems to lean and creak under any ounce of weight and the stone floor bares small warps and dips where water rests in puddles until cleaned. The stairs leading up to the bedrooms is perhaps, ironically, the most stable thing in the tavern. Standing firm despite its near constant use by patrons.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant


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