Blessed Guardians

The Blessed Guardians are the dominant religious force in the whole known realms. They can be found in most populated areas, often running the church and cathedrals.   On the face of it, the Blessed Guardians are a force for good. They help promote and spread the word of the Gods, teaching the people to love one another and lead a good life. However, there is another side of the faction that works in the shadows. One that manipulates, controls and abuses their "followers", especially if they are seen to be veering away from what they say.  

The Ban on Magic

The Blessed Guardians have begun to impose a ban on magic in some areas under its influence - most notably Calderia and Veritria, where it is now illigal to use magic without an authorised 'magic pass' that can only be issued by high ranking officials in the Blessed Guardians themselves. Any breach of these rules is met with severe punishment, usually by sentencing individuals to death by fire, in order to cleanse and burn away evil with the holy fire of Llue.   This ban on magic hasn't gone without issue, with some of the other Kingdoms, the Academy of the Magi and even some within the Blessed Guardians themselves, speaking out against the barbarism and false teachings of the word of the Gods. They point the finger at Grand Cardinal Carnifex, their leader, who introduced these new rules only recently after being ordained.


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