Tuama of the Caomhnóir

“ Caomhnóir hear my voice as i pray to you, to protect this island, To protect our people, To defend our island from evil, to bring hope to children, to bring peace to families. For you are our guardians and i pray to you to always protect us like you have done in the ancient past “ - Public prayer made by a unknown Ri
  Tuama de na Caomhnóirí is a structure that was built to honor the Caomhnóir of Oileán na n-uaisle. Said to have been built by the first king of the island to honor the warriors that helped him. The tomb was constructed using local sandstone. The builders first created the large building at the base of the structure that was made of sandstone and local wood. Once the bottom building was finished, they moved on to the second building which was smaller than the first building. But they were not done after that was constructed they moved on to constructing a wall that was a little bit shorter than the second building. Finally, they began work on the small pyramid that would fit nicely inside of the wall that surrounds the top of the building.   The tomb is considered sacred by the people of the island who go to it monthly to pay respects to the Caomhnóir of the island and to ensure that they will forever protect the island. Ri's come here to pay respect to the first Ri of the island and one who united the tribes Cathal mac. , Uachtaránacht comes to the site to pay respects to the first Uachtaránacht Caomhnóir who helped the united the tribes and protect the island just like they do. the rest of the population goes to ask the Caomhnóir to protect the island from evil and harm.  

Vistors to the tomb

Visitors to the temple walk up a long ramp that leads to the first platform. On this platform, there is a doorway flanked by two guardians. The King and the nobility is the only one allowed inside of the pyramid itself and once inside they make their way to their respective sections where they will make offerings to the guardians. For the rest of the population, they are allowed to walk around the structure and go inside of the structure where they can pay respects to the guardians and the founding RI. As well as take in its beauty. The pyramid itself outer casting is polished so that the sun reflects off of it.  

Why is the tomb sacred

The site became sacred after completion when the king gathered all of his guardians together and each of them would kill themselves so that they would forever become the guardians of the island. The second RI had them interment inside of the pyramid itself and he proclaimed that the site would become sacred and all of those that lived on the island would come to it. Not only to see it but to pay their respects and pray. People bring offerings of food and items to the tomb and placed them around the structure. Children bring their toys wih them and some make a vow that one day they would become a guardian as well.  

Tradtions at the tomb

Traditionally people visit the tomb on the day of the unification of the island tribes and the first Ri's birthday. On those days the current Ri of the island comes along with his family to the tomb and enter the pyramid. After a hour or so inside of the pyramid the Ri comes out and is greeted by the Ard-shagart. They greet each other and turn to face the crowd that has gathered below the walkway leading up to the tomb. There the king will speak and ask those that have gathered to pray for protection from evil and for defence of the island and that next year they are able to come here once again to visit and pray to the


The tomb was built with local timber and sandstone. With the sandstone being shaped into blocks so that they would stack one on top of each other nicely. Nobody is quite sure how many were used in the construction but the results of using the timber was that the land around the tomb became a desert as all of the wood was used for the construction of the tomb and the surrounding temples dedicated to the guardians. Around the structure, a wall was built that further protects the pyramid,


The tomb was first planned by the first Ri of the island Cathal Mac to honor the warriors that fought by his side to unite the island together. As he planned inspiration came to him about a structure that would be placed on top of the landings. This structure would be the final resting place of his warriors. As he planned it out he saw in his mind eye a pyramid shape structure which chambers that would house his warriors. Each chamber could house up to five of his warriors who he renamed Caomhnóir. He knew the cost of his idea that the land would be stripped of the trees and grass leaving only sand. But his heart told him this was the only way to make sure his warriors were honored.
Translations of words
  • Caomhnóir - Guardian
  • tuama de na Caomhnóirí- Tomb of the Guardians
  • Oileán na n-uaisle - Island of Nobles
  • Ri - King
  • Ard-shagart- High priest
  • Uachtaránacht- Nobles
  • Tuama- Tomb

offerings made at the tomb

  • Childrens Toys
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Coins both silver and gold
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