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Sochraide do na marbh


Every dawn when the church bells toll, the undead rise and make their way towards the Isle of the Dead. Amidst the ringing of the holy bells, a silent siren's call lures them to their new home.
  Once someone has died. It is up to the family give them a proper funeral. complete with the proper rituals and spells to prevent the dead from becoming undead. Only then will the dead have a proper rest with the gods. those that are properly buried with ritual and spell will not rise the next morning like those given un proper burials who are lured to the isle of the dead by a sirens call only they could hear.


For the people living on the island, tradition states that proper funeral ritual was the only way to ensure the dead would not rise in the morning. This tradition started with the first guardian funeral and burial. The guardian was laid to rest in a grave as a high priest read from a holy book. reciting spells to ensure the dead would not rise in the morning.


Funerals on the Oileán na n-uaisle are based on ancient customs started by the original Caomhnóir of the island. The main reason for a funeral is to give rest to the dead so that they will not rise in the morning and become one of the undead who make their way towards the isle of the dead. The proper rituals for a funeral are the following   A special prayer is read over the body asking the great one to give rest to the dead. To forgive them for everything they have done and to give them absolution. The last part relates to the theory of how the undead are souls looking for answers.   After the special prayer is recited on some parts of the island the priest will tie down the dead to the inside of the coffin so that they can not rise in the morning. This method is practiced by those living closest to the isle of the dead in the belief that if the prayer fails at least the dead can not rise due to being tied down.   Grave goods are placed inside of the grave. These include toys, chests filled with variables, other items the dead will need for the afterlife. It is not uncommon for the wealthy to have their pets buried with them along with placing any children that might of died next to them. Other grave goods depend on the wealth of the person. Some bring along with them there hunting items such as bows. Some even bring their armor and swords along with them. Whatever is needed to make sure they are at peace.   At this point it is time for people to come to the grave and tell the dead they have forgive them for whatever they might of done to them. Old feuds are ended and rivieres stopped. It is a time of forgiveness for the dead and the living to put the past in the past and move on.   Finally the grave is covered and a final prayer is done for the dead. For those wealthy enough to have a tomb built, the tomb entrance is blocked as another preventable means in case the dead decide to rise in the morning. It is why some people old tombs are haunted as people have heard cries coming from within.


  • High Priest
  • Family


  • Sochraide do na marbh - Funeral for the dead
  • Oileán na n-uaisle - Island of nobles
  • Caomhnóir - Guardians

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