Shadow city

Shadow city is unique that it is not divided among wealth but by gender. Each part of the city houses those of a certain gender. When a citzen walks into the city and though the first gates one comes to a area where all genders are gathered. Only on the first day does one have to go though this process of being sorted. The city pride itself s in keeping men and woman seperated. Those that are married are allowed to live in a quarter of a city that is for married couples only. But each house in that quarter is self contained. this goes for families as well. But the parents must be married or the children will be raised by the father  

How the sorting process works

When a citzen of the kingdom enters the city and they are told to stand in a line. When it is their turn to speak to the guard, they tell him if they are married. If they are not he asks if they have been married before. If not he then looks them over and sorts by gender. Men go to the guards left and woman go to this right. It does not matter if they are your siblings or not, All women and men who are 16 years or older are sorted and sent off into there part of the city. there is no execption to this rule.   This sorting process applies to visitors and Merchants visiting the city and citzens from around the kingdom


  1. Married Couples - 50
  2. Single Woman - 20
  3. Single Men- 20
  4. Undesirable - 10


The city is ruled by directly by the Shadow King and the council who help advise him. On the council that oversees the city, There is one member of the royal family and two men appointed directly by the king who are on the council. The council takes care of the day to day operations in the city.


Defended by the Royal army. Only the army is allowed into each section of the city without question or martial status.


The districts of the city are set up to be separate but equal, Each has its own bathhouse, housing, marketplace, and everything that one would need. But the difference between the districts is that the women do not have any altar to the shadow god, this is because of the belief that a woman is not worthy of praying to the shadow god and thus they do not get an altar or a church in their districts. Between each district there is a high wall with a single gateway to the district manned by a guard. Each gateway houses a few guards who are in charge of looking over the district and making sure people are obeying the law.

It should be noted that in the women sections of the city. The conditions in which they lived were not the best. Most of the districts that they lived in were run down with buildings on the verge of collapse and in some state of disrepair. As for the marketplaces, They were often not filled as they were in the men districts which lead to a foot shortage almost every day. there was also just one hospital for the woman or a clinic in some of the worst off districts that took care of the women. Disease was also more rampant in the women districts than in the men which were more sanitary

But the worst disticts are for those considered unworthy. For those who are cast and labeled unworthy are put into a distrct in the town with hardly anything. Not only is it unsanitary but food is hardly provided for those living in this district. No services are provided except basic medical.

Guilds and Factions

Each section of the city has its own guilds. They are not allowed to mingle with other guilds in the other sections of the city.


Built as a example of a city that makes sure genders are protected from each other and that there is no mingling.The city lately has seen a increased in married couples visiting who have there own district in the city seperated from those who are single and the unworthy. The city was built to showcase that was possible to seperate males and females to prevent the preversion of the sacred laws of the kingdom. No longer will it be possible for non married couples to mingle and pollute the air with their sounds and the eyes of those who have to see it.


The city itself is dotted with houses that have black wooden rooftops. The Nobility homes are made with pine wood dyed black with maple wood walls also dyed black.

Natural Resources

It was not long after the city was founded and the first buildings were being constucted that natural resource was discovered. When it was discovered that black limestone could be found around the city. It was decided that open pits mining would go into operation so that the black limestone could be mined and sent into the city for the constuction of finer buildings. Another resource found was marble and open pits were constucted there as well so that it could be mined and also sent into the city.
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