Mapvember 2022

Before you is a map of the Continent of Sin and Abomination, a place that has not been fully explored, this is where you come in, It is time we fully explore this continent and discover its secrets, what myseries will you uncover, What legends will you come across, Who will the people you encounter be and what wll they be like, what cities will you discover and rulers you will meet. All important questions for you to answer if you choose. I wish you good fortune and many blessings adventures.
  Prompt 25-Demon
Demons of love
Species | Nov 8, 2022
Prompt 18-Mine
Demonic mines
Building / Landmark | Nov 17, 2022
Prompt 24- Abandoned
Abandoned Lighthouse
Building / Landmark | Nov 5, 2022
Prompt 23 - Undead
Withering undead
Species | Nov 5, 2022
Prompt 21- Abomination
Species | Nov 16, 2022
Prompt 12-Ruins
Ruins of a castle
Building / Landmark | Nov 8, 2022
Prompt 10 - Cemetery
Cemetery of the fallen
Building / Landmark | Nov 12, 2022
Prompt 15- Pool
Sacred pool of bodies
Geographic Location | Nov 19, 2022


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Cover image: Mapember by ShadowMalachi Via MidJourney


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