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Welcome to Daemonium traveler. Whatever brings you to this world I greet you with open arms and a warm smile. But I must warn of you of the conflict that the world is currently experiencing. For you see a once great empire recently collapsed amid a civil war that raged within it for a decade. During this civil war the forces of the Shadow god faced off against the Empire forces. With those of the shadow god emerging victorious   With the empire collapse, Two Rival Kingdoms have formed and with that a war has broken out once again between the followers of the shadow God and the followers of the goddess of love. But although there is war between the Kingdoms there is another threat that they must deal with.   For whatever lies beyond the mountain pass whatever creatures are attempting to make there way though the mountain pass. What will they bring with them.. They will come in peace or bring war, But whatever they do.. They are coming and it wont be long before they arrive.
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