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Tingling blue

Tingling blue is a condition caused by eating the fruit of the Spotted redberry, native of the Ventsea island. It causes the eater an intense craving for blue food, specially for the Roundleaf blueberry, and tingling sensations and sneezing whenever one tries to avoid blue food.


It is caused by eating the fruit of the Spotted redberry. It is one of the methods of the plant to win territory as both it and the Roundleaf blueberry share territory. The more Redberry is eaten, the greater the craving becomes.

Extremely Rare
Affected species
All animals


The first sign of this condition is the intense cravings for blue food. Because of all the blue food one eats, their tongue slowly tints to blue. Eating Roundleaf blueberry causes the tongue to tint faster, with the extra effect that their teeth and general mouth will also tint slightly.

When the afflicted does not eat blue, their mouth starts having a tingling sensation and shortly after the sneezings start. As more time passes without the afflicted eating blue food, the symptoms increase.

It is know that eating more Spotted redberry, or drinking tea from Sore elder leaves (a common tea for stomachaches or when throats hurt), causes the cravings to be more intense.


  • One way of ending the cravings is to eat the purple "pearls" that grow in between the Spotted redberry's roots.
  • Another way, although the harshest method, is to avoid eating blue foods for a week. The afflicted tends to end up restraining to avoid eating blue food. This method could be considerated a torture and it is not used.
  • The last known method is hard but not too much. It consists on drinking one tea from Sore elder's leaves each day with one fruit from the Roundleaf blueberry. This is taken for three days and then, during the two next days, only the tea is drank, without the fruits.


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