Sun hidden

I didn't choose to be born underground! Why have I to be punished because of that? I want to feel the warm of sunlight hit my body not feel pain...
— An afflicted

Sun hidden are called the people that cannot be under sunlight without consequences to their health. Most of them are born in families that have been living underground for generations and have the unfortunate luck of having their bodies suffer under sunlight, being unable to be under the sun without covering their skin or being hurt.

Chronic, Congenital
Extremely Rare
Affected species
Aquatilis, Dracolis, Terrelis


The cause of this condition is not fully understood. The affected seem to be chosen randomly, although it is more possible to be affected by the Sun hidden as more generations of your family have been living underground. This does not mean someone can have Sun hidden if they are the first of their family to be born underground.


There is not any mark that could let someone know that has Sun hidden until they are out in the sun. Only once they get under the sun for the first time, they realize how sensible is their body to the sunlight. Depending on their constitution, one might be able to stand under the sun more or less without hurting themselves badly. Their whole body reacts badly towards the sunlight:

  • General skin - it gives a faint smell of burned meat although no signs of burning can be seen. It hurts, a constant pain that can only stop when covered from sunlight.
  • Hair - the hair gets weaker and weaker as it spends time under the sunlight. If too much time is spent under the sun, the hair will start to fall; this happens everywhere on the body, with all kind of hair.
  • Eyes - the sunlight is too much for them and the affected cannot see a thing when outside, going back underground makes them heal and go back to normal. If too much time is spent outside, they can risk becoming permently blind.

  • Limbs - sunlight makes your body stress a lot, and your limbs let you know it. If too much time is spent outside, the limbs will stop working, entering a cataplexy state. They usually heal from this state when going back underground.
  • Torso - worse body part to be let uncovered under the sunlight, specially the neck and the stomach areas. Both tend to bleed when under too much stress, causing the affected to spit (on lesser cases) or cough blood.

Most cases are not deadly. It can become deadly when leaving the torso uncovered, risking to bleed out or stress your heart and make it stop.

Prevention & Treatment

Covering skin works both as prevention and treatment. Going back underground or away the sunlight works as treatment as well, as the treatment needed is give your body time to rest from all the stress the sunlight gives it.

Giving the body time to heal (if already hurt) will, in most cases, heal back to normal unless too much stress has been given to the body. If there has been some permanent damage to the body, it cannot be reverse (such as being permently blind or losing hair).


While all species are suscetible of being born Sun hidden, some tend to have more affected than others. This happens cuz they tend to live underground more than other species and thus have higher probabilities. These species are: Elves (specifically the Kerpas ethnicity), Sirens, Kethar, and Wyrms.


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8 Dec, 2022 21:11

Ohh, this condition is so predestined to create some crazy sun-hidden omen oracles. Embracing the enemy to receive guidance through pain and suffering. Might be pointless but that has not stopped other zealots before.

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8 Dec, 2022 21:51

That's some interesting ideas! Will keep in mind and who knows, maybe I'll write a sect this WE

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2 Jan, 2023 09:27

I like the simplicity behind the idea — that it's sort of similar to the sun/heat-induced conditions in our daily world while taking some parts to the extreme. :D   Some ideas come to mind. Have there been attempts to use the Sun hidden condition as a curse by those in the knowing? Similar to the priests of ancient Egypt using the natural phenomenon of the solar eclipse and presenting it as a curse inflicted by the gods demanding sacrifice?   Are there any remedies for the condition or parts of it? I'm thinking more of things that can cover up the skin (maybe medicine of some sort?), unique glassware for the eyes or some special type of shielding/protection invented by the Sun inflicted over the years to protect the torso.   Being forced to live away from the sunlight, how does that influence their culture? Would they think of themselves as night/moon folk joined by the will of gods?   I'm playing with some ideas here. The article raised a lot of questions, so I'll be happy to read more.   Thanks for a good read.

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2 Jan, 2023 13:37

Glad you liked :D

You raise some good questions! Surely it has been called a curse at some point, everything that is unknown is scary and bad stuff are surely curses (or so some people say). God's demanding sacrifices? That's actually a cool idea, might add info about that later on :D

As for remedies... I haven't thought of that but it makes sense that the Sun hidden try find some remedies or protection, I will try think some ***y ideas and add it to article :D

Most of the species that are affected by this already live mostly underground, so I'm not sure how much their lifes would be changed, nor how this condition could influence the cultures, but I'll toy wiht that idea cuz it sounds hella cool

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This seems so sad...imagine not being able to see the sun. Makes me reflect about the amount of time I spend outside...haha *nervous laugh*. Anyway, it's interesting how these people aren't necessarily bad just because they can't be in the sun. Ordinarily, that would be a red flag, but I like how it's a natural condition that some people have to deal with. Though I do wonder if perhaps it might have darker origins, especially as being susceptible to sunlight would be a major disadvantage in any conflicts.

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I'm glad you liked it! And about dark origins, wouldn't u like to know? :3

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Love to code, but this one is driving me crazy!
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