Perception Drain

Perception Drain is a condition caused by the overuse of the drug Foreign Tongue, used by the Kit'de'thrak to write and read Res'ink when they still have not learned it.


Caused by the use of the Foreign Tongue for long periods or multiples used in a short time. It is considered that using the drug for more than 6 non-stop hours is too long, and using it twice a day for a week is also too much. The accepted and "normal" are periods of 2-4 hours with at least a day or two in between doses.

Extremely Rare


First symptom of overdosis is when, after the afflicted stops being able to speak Res'ink, their sight does not recover the ability of seeing green. During the following day (or, in worse cases, it can be up to a week), they will get migrains at random times which are characterized by the lose of their spatial awareness. During all these time, they will experience small sensory illusions: seeing objects in a different place when in truth are in front of them, wrong temperature and pain information sent to their brains, and hearing things are some of the most common illusions.

During the nights, bruises appear on their faces, more or less at the same time where impulsive writing happen. They will use whatever they have nearby (even their own blood or other organic liquids) to write wherever they can. The writing will always be in Res'ink.


This is an overdosis that will go in a day or at worse a week (more common is somewhere in between). There's not much that can be done to make the progress go faster or make it easier.

The afflicted should be carefully watched though, as they tend to hurt themselves, either because their broken spatial awareness or their intense cravings for writing.

People who has gone through the overdosis must be extra careful with future dosis of Foreign Tongue, as they are more suceptible to overdosis in lower quantities.


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