Ol' Mark tried to have a fiend as a pet, these damned Falsill. He's know missin' two fingers and an ear! And know you ask me to gift you one? Be happy that I gave you a cat, kid.
— Parent to their kid

The falsill, also named false rabbit and fiendish rabbit, is an rabbit-like creature that inhabits in the desert of Eclium. They are known for being bigger than expected and for their violence.

Basic Information


They are quadrupedal creatures with larger hind legs than their forelegs, and a small round tail. Their skin is covered in short fur, light brown coloured that helps them camouflage in the desert.

Their faces have a short muzzle that hides their sharp teeth, their long ears fall to the sides of their heads to protect their ear conducts from the sand. Unlike rabbits, their eyes are on the front of their head rather than the laterals.

Genetics and Reproduction

To prepare for breeding, the female Falsill will find a cave or dig a small hole on the ground where she would be able to hide with her kits while they grow. It is common to see multiples females hide together and help each other. Males will fight other males away from the females so they can get her.

Once a male finds a female ready to breed, he will fertilize her, even if he has to force her. The female will gestate during a month, and will give birth to four to twelve kits. The female will take care of the kits while the male will leave.

Growth Rate & Stages

  • Kits: Up until 3 or 4 weeks. They are born hairless and cannot see or hear nor regulate their own body temperature for the first days. This is the stage with more mortal rate as they are weak and only the stronger kits are able to get the milk they need to grow and the mother might kill or eat them after she panics or is frightened. They are also in danger as if a male finds kits, they might kill them just so they can breed with the mother.
  • Adolescent: Up until 2 months. They reach mature sexuality at the end of this stage. They learn to hunt from their mothers.
  • Adult: Up until they die. They live independently.

Additional Information

Social Structure

They are solitary and territorial creatures, mainly the males. The only time two or more Falsills are seen around is when its time to breed and while females are caring of their kits. Rest of the year, they are territorial creatures that will fight (and maybe eat if low on food) any creatures that enter their territory, whatever their size and number might be.

While females are more calm and not as violent as males, males are know for killing anything they see, even if they are their kits. Males sometimes kill the kilts of a female so he can reproduce with her, and sometimes it has been seen a male trying to reproduce with a male that is femenine, only to kill it after.


Any attempt of having this animal as a pet has ended in failure if not death. Whether if the animal is taken as newborn or adult, female or male, they end up attacking or killing, making their "owners" free them, which only causes more problems as the animal takes a territory as theirs even thought it might be an area that is not their common habitat.

Rabbits are cute, but not this one. Be warned, I do not censor my article, there may be some hard material about abuse, violence, and death. You have been warned.
Placeholder, but it's cute
Other names
False rabbit
Fiendish rabbit
Average Height
40 cm (15.7 in)
Average Weight
10-13 kg (22-28 lbs)
Average Length
50 cm (19.8 in)
Geographic Distribution


Falsill have a weird way to lower their body temperature. They lay down on their back, with their ears on the floor so air can enter the interior part, where the temperature exchange happens. This position is usually confused as a death Falsill, leading to some Falsill and other creatures not knowing if the animal is death or alive. Cases of animals and people getting attacked or killed by Falsill after thinking they were death are not uncommon. Sometimes, males have been seen trying to reproduce with a female, only to realize that the female is death and then start eating her.


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