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Daeg rests comfortably within the confines of the Great Wheel of the universe. Sequestered between the Shadowrealm and Feywild, Daeg hosts the mortal populations. The lands vary as much as the creatures that live within. It has seen many conflicts and many times of peace. The gods and deities of the Great Wheel fight over the souls of the mortals, influencing and grabbing hold.

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Manaron and the Skinwalkers

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

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  • Map of Iron Quay, capital of the Riverlands

    Resting on the gentle downslope of a hilly plain, Iron Quay rests on a peninsula in "The Palm of Arvoreen." It has been the seat of power for the Riverlands for several millennia dating back to the Era of Mortals.

  • Map of Riverlands
  • Map of Map of Evoria

    So this map is slightly color coordinated. The dirt-colored swaths represent cliffs since I don't have any cliff assets.  




    Area between Hlee, Louvryit, and northern Rerya. Encompasses Wasteplains, Wastehills, and the town of Oasis.  


    The fertile grazing grasslands and farmlands between Louvryit and Dalth'it. Rivals Tambuxia for its fertility.  


    East of Dalth'it and Medder Forest, this region stretches from Ridgegate around the North Gologian Range, granting some rich soil to just north whereas it would normally be arid. Also can encompass Floe Wood.  

    Nilesian Court

    From eastern Rerya to the fertile plains of Tambuxia. Last Gate serves as the quasi border-city of Evoria and Rerya. Bypass is considered colloquially in Nilesian Court despite technically being Reryit.  


    The great abundant plains of Tambuxia hug Tambux Forest and Lake, sprawling from Westridge and past Yym, stopping at Breadbasket and Ridgegate.  


    A smaller region between Tambuxia and the Riverlands. Not as fertile as many other regions, the Corridor serves as a transition point between Evoria and the Riverlands.  


    "Little Rerya" as it roughly translates, Reryit has poor farming or grazing, but does offer copious amounts of timber. With the Nilesian Court to the north, the Lochesian Court to the south, and forests to the east and west, Reryit can feel cramped to those not used to it.  

    Lochesian Court

    At the foot of the Causeway, the only road and viable pass between Evoria and Lochish, and shadowed by the expansive Manduskian Range, the Lochesian Court is home to some fields, thought mostly livestock make up the majority of this area's agriculture. The bitter East Heath lies a step away.  

    East Heath

    The least populated and least fertile area apart from the Westerlies, the East Heath only offers roads and miles upon miles of sprawling, desolate land. There are no towns of note within its borders.  


    Only under official Evorian rule for a couple of years, this region once belonged to the laissez-faire Riverlands, but was annexed by them for gold. Its main use is riverfishing, which the populace (almost entirely Stout Halflings) use weirs to catch the swift fish that swim downstream to the mighty Lauf river.