Phantasmic Garb

Though Ardisians are able to wear whatever they please, those who take up magic tend to utilize certain colors, whether by choice, or their magic seeping into their surroundings.

The Signifigance of Color and Style

Phantasms are one of seven types of magical Ardisians in the world of Cyperus, dealing with illusionary magic to confuse and disorient their opponents. The most sentient inhabitants of Cyperus, the Ardisians are humanoid plant creatures that utilize magic and energy from the world around them. They were evolved entirely seperate from humans, and have a remarkable resemblance to to them. Their anatomy suggests that there is a significant evolutionary advantage to the bipedal form, enough that two isolated species reached it at a point. As they are much more akin to plants than humans, are volatile to color change in their early years. Each type of magic tends to have a certain color associated to it--with phantasmagoria aligning itself to violets and magentas. The more an Ardisian uses their magic, the more they resemble their own magic, and the more that coloration seeps into their everyday surroundings. Ardisians tend to only have one or two full outfits, so put a lot of thought and effort into their clothing or armor. The more they are worn, the more they adopt their owner's coloring, and the more sentimental they get.   As there are only six Phantasms left alive, they all share a similar style, their clothing resembling the vintage styles from the era which their magic thrived. Their daily wear is generally entirely made of plant material, abstaining from metal or leather, as many Ardisians have begun on. Most ardisians are born with brown, white, or green pigmentation, depending on their ethnicity. As they begin their practice, they keep that coloration, but as novices become casters, they adopt more of that magenta color. Violet and magenta are typically avoided by ardisians that do not use phantasmagoria, due to the high stigma surrounding them. Phantasms may wear their colors with pride, but it's typically frowned upon outside of close circles.  


After millenia of civilization, fashion has obviously changed several times throughout Cyperus's history. Magic users were always more strict with their uniforming, pooling into the same styles, time periods, and cuts. Phantasmagoria largely fell out of favor in the eyes of the public in the year 8251, when one master went rogue, and used their magic in a way to manipulate and infiltrate the thoughts and feelings of a large portion of the population in an attempted mutiny. It caused an uproar among common folk, a sense of fear being linked to the craft. Colors and styles associated with Phantasms were almost immediately shunned by the larger public, as they feared being mistaken for one and witchhunted accordingly.


There was never much evolution of Phantasm Garb since the attempted mutiny. The styles stayed in place: modest, made exclusively of plant matter, easy to move around in, and skirted. Skirts had been adopted for both males and females, as they made movement and casting all around easier. Phantasms are very mobile in battle, making pants somewhat inconvenient. They also tend to stay barefoot, so they are able to gague their surroundings to better mimic them.
"Violet is a very interesting color. It isn’t very common in nature, only appearing in certain plant life. Some of our scholars propose that the color isn’t even real, that our minds twist something we can’t understand into purple. This thought is strengthened by this, that phantasmic magic is the same color. It’s an illusion, just like phantasmagoria. Almost all forms of ardisian magic align themselves to a certain color, just like that. As we use it more, though, we slowly absorb it. That’s what gives me my pigment, and it’s what’s giving you yours. It’s a good sign, it means your body and soul are melding with your craft. Fear not the change, dear heart, for it is only a testament to your talent."
Phantasmic garb is generally charictarized with full skirts, simple designs, and several shades of green and violet. If decorated, this will likely be with crystals, and not incredibly complex.


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Nice article! I like the idea of clothes changing colours the more they are exposed to magic :D   I love the quote about the purple colour :D – you could also use the formatting [ quote ] the text you want to add|the author [ /quote ] without space next to the brackets. That would put an emphases on the quote.   "Ardisians, as they are more akin to plants than humans, are volatile to color change in their early years." Ardisians are the people wearing the clothes, right? I think this can be clarified at the beginning. I'm a bit confused with the change in colour, because it's the clothes that change colours, but you also say that it's the Ardisians themselves. I think you clarify it by the end when you say that they have only one or two outfit and so they wear the same one often, giving it the time to absorb their magic and change colour. Though I think it would be helpful to make that clear in the first paragraph.

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thank you for the advice! hopefully this is more readable and concise now :)

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Intresting idea to have the clothes adopt the color of the type of magic the wearer is using. Also nice how you tie the color purple as not being real to the color of the phantasms. Nice read.

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The good old "Use color to notate magic type" taken to the next level! I would suggest adding some flavor art to break the wall of text ([imag:######|left/right]) Timepool did a great video on that stuff:

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Cool article! I like how the magic plays into it, seeping out and all. The coloration changing with the magic is quite interesting, and I love the lore of the Ardisians. The outfit looks beautiful, I love the colors (Gotta say, even with the stigma that would be around the outfit, it looks so nice I can see why people would wear it anyway). The history is also nice!

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Sad that it's dying out, I really like the way the colour seeps into the clothes.

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