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The Seahaven

Written by Salen

The Seahaven is a pirate schooner of remarkable design that was found abandoned by Seltemver Ashblade and his new crew. The ship is a two mast schooner bereft of cannons (which adds to the speed of the ship) that has been modified regularly. The ship has been battered and repaired more times than the captain can count, and since it ends up on different worlds, the repairs are never of the exact materials.  


  Repairing it with varrying materials has led to a very unique appearance that is hard to describe. The hull itself has the look of at least four different styles of wood, ranging from light to dark in coloration, as well as the sails being made form some exotic materials. Of the two masts, one of them is of a different wood than the other and has a reddish color to it, and even some of the rigging is of a rope that isn't normally found (a type of spidersilk rope). As the wood was different in each port of call, so was the metals needed. Some of the moorings are iron, while some of them seem to be of an alloy not seen in most places. The wheel has been replaced twice, and now has the look of an eight pointed star that ends in tiny claws (don't ask)    


  The history of the ship is also hard to record, as they jump from world to world; It started simply though. The ship was found abandoned on the Isle of Helarna, a sea witch of some power than had kept a tribe of orcs as slaves with her power. She lured ships onto the rocks near the wayward side of her island and pillaged them after they ran aground. When Seltemver's ship crashed here, he and his friend Amonar met with Helarna and ended that arrangement with his blade, severing her arm in the process and fleeing with the orcs. The ship was the only one still sea worthy, and so they took it and left, but not before the witch cursed their treachery.  

Notable crew

  Some of the more norable crew on board the ship include the First mate Toth Arndrar, the orc healer Grunhilde, the mute elf Silence, The dwarven smith Morn, and the orc Sombra.


Sail driven ship

Weapons & Armament

The Seahaven used to have cannons, but traded them on one of their first stops for provisions and hasn't ever acquired more.

Communication Tools & Systems

One of the new additions to the ship's Crak nest is a bell that can be rung by pulling on a long cord that runs to the wheel house. This is to get the attention of the mute elf that now takes the position and vice versa. It is used in most storm situations, as even shouting can be lost in the winds and rain.

Hangars & docked vessels

The Seahaven has two Longboats that it can use to go ashore and even to forage where the big ship may not fit. The boats are about 10 feet long and can carry five orc's comfortably. It comes with two oars and its own anchor (10 lb)

The Crak's Nest

  Originally called the Crow's nest, this small station above the ship wasn't able to be used by most of the large orcs that crew the ship. Only Amonar the imp and a small orc named Crak could fit here comfortably. As time went on it was jokingly called the Crak's nest, and even after his death on the isle of Ximn, the crew continues to call it thus out of reverence. Now used by the elven mute called Silence.  
One of a kind after the modifications that have been done to it over the years.
36 ft
219 ft
145 ft from waterline
300 tons
11 - 15 knots (one of the fastest encountered)
Complement / Crew
The Seahaven runs with a crew of 23
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
100 tons max, and up to 15 passengers (35 cramped)

The Curse

  The curse that Helarna bestowed upon the fleeing orcs and their elven savior was one that haunts them to this day. "You, elf, are doomed! Doomed to sail distant waters until all of you find a home.” When they set sail from the isle, a great storm swallowed them up, battering the ship and spitting it out on another sea. Ever since, when they leave port and set sail for the open water, the storm comes and sends them somewhere else, or even somewhen else. Ever since then, they named the ship The Seahaven, as it is their only place that they feel safe out in these foreign seas  
The witch’s curse didn’t come with a handbook, and if it did, she never gave it to me.” Seltemver remembered that fateful day, when he had forced the witch to free the orcs she had enslaved. Of course one more curse couldn’t hurt, he had thought...gods above was he wrong.   “She couldn’t have, you had cut off one arm and she was too busy screaming curses at you to offer you the book.” from Journey to the Isle of Ximn

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