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Seltemver Ashblade

Written by Salen

Seltemver is the pirate captain of The Seahaven. He has an imp as a friend, a crew of orcs, and is twice cursed — though he swears its thrice at this point. He is an elf that has fallen out of his world, and now is trying to not only get himself home, but his loyal crew as well.    
Amonar flew up off Seltemver's shoulder, knowing confrontation was imminent once more. “Why is it, everywhere we go, people want to kill you?” he asked, his voice rising with every note; he hated violence.   “My winning personality?” Seltemver answered without skipping a beat. He slashed an orc with his blade and spun around another as they came at the pair.   “Yeah, that has to be why,” the imp finished dryly; flapping his wings over to the elf girl they were calling Silence. He watched his master finish off both orcs and knew that they were in some very serious trouble this time. Thirty thousand slaves with orc masters didn't exactly spell Pleasure Island. He heard a deep horn blare, then an answering call from the sea as the huge ship started towards the Seahaven. Both he and Silence exchanged grim looks. “I think they know which boat is yours Seltemver.”   “It's a ship, not a boat.”   “Semantics.”   “Look Amonar, a boat is...”   “You two are insane you know that right?” the man said interrupting them both with a raised brow. from Any Orc in a Storm


Seltemver is an elf and as such should be able to cast magic like all elves. Elves have an ancient pact with the elements and answer the call of elves, or those with the blood, to perform magic. Problem with that is Seltemver was born without the ability to cast that magic. In elven society there are a few that have been "lost" to the pact, meaning that they are considered deaf to the elements — or the elements are deaf to them— this cause the elf to be cut off from magic entirely for life, but it isn't always genetic, as there are cases of elves having children that can cast magic. One in a very rare few of this group are also immune to magic, which Seltemver is definitely Not

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Enchanted sword. The blade is so sharp as to cut through almost any material with ease.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Seltemver was born in a world that saw elves live in peace with almost every race. The one exception was the orcs, a race of warrior like brutes that ruled by strength and honor above all else. He always felt out of place, getting in trouble more often than not, and took to weapons training to get the thrill of violence. When he was of age, he learned to sail along with his weapons training. Soon he was off on a pirate ship and loving the thrill of the chase. he raided ships, port towns, and even killed his share of people. Then his captain started running slaves. The one thing he couldn't stomach was the sale of people, no matter the race. Seltemver staged a mutiny on his ship, taking over as captain and sailing for the farthest reaches of his world. It was at this time that he found both his sword, his friend Amonar , and his new crew.


Seltemver has studied for decades on swordsmanship and technique, becoming one of the best in his society.

Personality Characteristics


Seltemver is motivated to get his crew safely home, or somewhere they can call home. He hates slavery and will take down any slave ring that he finds. The only time he didn't do this was when they ended up in a world where the entire society was based on slavery.    
“Well, I don't know what that means but I do know that I hate slavery.” He walked over and pulled on the iron post with everything he had, uprooting it from the ground and throwing it to the side. “How many of you are there?” he asked as he pulled his thin blade and slashed the elf's chains. His sword was enchanted to cut just about anything.   “You jest! There are over thirty thousand slaves on Duoskar alone!” The man laughed hysterically.   “Seltemver...we have to go.” Amonar said weakly, fear creeping into his normally sarcastic voice. — Any Orc in a Storm

Personality Quirks

Not only is the ship he captains cursed, but the imp he always is seen with is bonded to him in a curse as well. long ago he hunted a rogue elven wizard and upon finding him, he discovered that the elf had conjured an imp from the hells and was using it to steal life through portals. The wizard would send the imp through, attacking anyone on the other side and siphoning their life through to the wizard. Seltemver killed the wizard, but upon his death, the wizard cursed Seltemver with the imps loyalty for all of time, until his death. Now the imp, Amonar by name, would have to protect him or be dragged back to the hells and burn for all of eternity.
“To answer your question though, little friend, I have no idea. The witch’s curse didn’t come with a handbook, and if it did, she never gave it to me.” Seltemver remembered that fateful day, when he had forced the witch to free the orcs she had enslaved. Of course one more curse couldn’t hurt, he had thought...gods above was he wrong. from Journey to the Isle of Ximn
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Circumstances of Death
when he was born the magic in his city stopped working for three minutes, then came back.
Current Residence
Presented Sex
Short white hair that hangs in his eyes
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale skin
Owned Vehicles
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Cover image: by Andreii SHAFETOV
Character Portrait image: by Heise


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