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Across the Wide Seas

Written by Salen

This world, visited by The Seahaven not long after their curse began, was one of the more normal of the worlds they have seen. They didn't see much of it — they never do — but what they did see was enough. It consisted of the port town called Gnasher, named after the thug that held sway over the populace for his lord. By the end of the story, the thug and his slaver lord have been thrown down and the town is renamed Freeport.  


The world of Across the Wide Seas is located in the northern hemisphere of it's world, and it was during the months of spring that Seltemver Ashblade and Amonar visited the city. The weather was fair, not overly cold or warm, and the mountains behind the town shielded them from any of the cold winds coming down from this worlds arctic climate.    
“Slavery,” Seltemver said with disgust. He hated that trade and it was the one thing he would never stoop to. “Well, warlord or not, I'm still not worried about this Masonel.” He walked to the door and opened it, stepping out into the overcast morning. The little town of Gnashar – if that was what it was really called – seemed nice on the outside. A packed earthen road ran from the docks up through the town, side roads presumably leading to houses and the main road sporting what businesses there were. He could hear the blacksmith busy at work. Ahead, in what could only be a merchant's area, boys cried out deals for their prospective masters. It looked quaint actually, until he saw the row of horses with armed men riding towards them with a heavily armored man in their midst. They moved with purpose and were bearing down on the trio, staring with smiles that had no mirth in them. Lord Masonel and his men, no doubt. from Across the Wide Seas
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Seltemver sighed, “You see good man; we were on my ship, the Seahaven, bound for Larishan Cove when we hit a terrible storm. We fought our way through it with some casualties and limped into port here...wherever this happens to be.” It helped that most of that was the truth. All right, sixty percent truth at least.   “Oh. Well, then you happen to be at the port town of Gnashar.” The man said. He leaned back as the serving girl came over and put down four copper pieces. “Ale if you could, Filden.”   “Yes, sir. And you, sir?” Filden asked, averting her eyes from the men. from Across the Wide Seas

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