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Susan's Shrine

Crepundium | Refraction

Susan's Shrine, as it is commonly known, is a tall narrow square wooden structure closed on three sides. A stone statue of a fox sits in the center. To the right of the entrance as one looks upon it rests a stone bowl for offerings. The shrine has gone neglected in recent memory. Vines hang from the roof, light shines through holes where boards have rotted, weeds cover the statue's base, and at times the bowl fills with woodland debris.

Purpose / Function

Travelers through the Haunted Woods even now leave offerings in the bowl as they plead with the sionnach for safe passage. While there is no proof such actions make a difference, Crepundium itself is a realm of superstistion and imaginary comforts. One cannot fault the denizens for taking what precautions they can, even if such are mere placebos.


How long has the little shrine sat within the woods? Many wonder about its origins, but no one seems to remember it being built. Some hazard a guess that Susan herself created it to give her shelter in her exile. The sionnach has never confirmed this one way or another, but it is not outside her abilities. Perhaps it does not matter where it came from given the comfort it brings.   No one instructed the shrine's visitors to take the actions they do. The bowl encouraged offerings, so it became common practice to leave a tidbit or more in hopes of bribing the sionnach to grant one her protection or at least her indifference. Fish and rabbit are among the most common offerings, though fruits are sometimes left in the bowl as well.   The state of neglect the shine stands in is not simple indifference. No one knows if Susan would mistake replacing the rotten boards for dismantling the shrine itself, and none wish to face a sionnach's wrath. Some visitors will brush away the overgrowth and pull the weeds, but that is the most anyone will dare to do.

Parent Location
Haunted Woods

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11 Dec, 2018 19:45

Wow, this is really well written! Especially the fact that the shrine is untouched due to respect gives a great image of the culture.
So first of all, for understanding: The sionach are a species, and Susan is a specific sionach, right? And Susan is the wolf inside the Shrine? Then I'd like to know, is Susan alive? Or was she ever alive as a normal animal?

11 Dec, 2018 20:40

Thank you very much for the feedback and the like. The culture is a work in progress I'm enjoying fleshing out.   Yes, the Sionnach are a species. As their article explains, they're a type of fox, sort of a Celtic Kitsune in ways. The fox statue inside is believed to represent Susan, though it's not of her specifically. Yes, she's currently alive and is one of the oldest known of her species. Her character article's on my to-do list once I get my notes sorted out. :)

11 Dec, 2018 20:00

Well written as always. Thought I have to say I'm a little lost on how this fits in with your world. Maybe a little excerpt on the Haunted Woods would help to give context!   So are the woods haunted in a bad way? Because this shrine sounds quite pleasant. Is it the woods themselves that makes people distrusting of the cute fox?

11 Dec, 2018 20:35

It's... sorta a nesting doll effect I suppose. The Shrine is in the Haunted Woods, which is in Crepundium. Maybe I should have added tooltips to the links? I was focused on avoiding repetition. I should have considered how understandable my articles are when read on their own.   The short answer is it's a mix of the woods and the individual creature herself. The longer answer is that the Haunted Woods is comparable to a Fairy Ring in Celtic mythology. Those who venture inside can get lost then trapped there for periods of time. Sionnachs as a species can be thought of as a mix of the kitsune and Celtic fairies. They're tricksters who are as likely to do harm as give aid. I covered this in more detail in the Woods' article and the Sionnach's. Susan's character article is on my list to be added in the future.   Thank you for the feedback, like and follow. They're all very much appreciated. (The well-written compliment gave me warm fuzzies.)

11 Dec, 2018 20:59

Short, yet really good at summarizing what the shrine is. I do have a suggestion, but it's less specific to this article and more for in general - You may want to consider adding excerpts to your articles. These will show up as 'tooltips' when you hover over a link to said article from another page, and are useful for giving 1-2 sentence summaries of what a linked term is (I.e., sionnach). This would reduce the amount of clicking away/opening new tabs a new reader has to do when stumbling upon a random article.


Is 'Susan' a being that's actually currently alive, present as a spirit, or is it just superstition that believes she's still around?

11 Dec, 2018 22:32

And here was me assuming people were legit using tooltips to do that. I thought excerpts were for the book cover type thing or blocks. Oops. I'll have to go through my articles and add those. I'm trying to keep articles from being repetitive without being confusing. I do want to encourage exploration via links too.   Yes, Susan is alive. Her character article is on my to-do list. Thank you for the feedback and the like :)