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Sanctuary Stadium

Aufaniae | Prism

I don't think I've ever seen walls that tall. And the stands... it's a good thing they built those so well. Being up that high is quite a rush, let me tell you. I was sure I'd lose my balance and break my neck. But its worth it. Those dogs almost fly.
— Tourist visiting Sanctuary
  Sanctuary Stadium is the most well-known racetrack throughout Palladium. It hosts the Sanctuary Sprint every year, as well as the local weekly races. The Stadium is a must-see attraction for all visitors to the city. Originally Sanctuary's citadel, the fifty-thousand spectator capacity venue houses two straight tracks and two oval tracks. Outside the entrances, local merchants sell their wares in booths on either side of the aisle. Inside, a road leads to each track, with clearly posted signs pointing the way. Each track is surrounded by sturdy seating for twelve-thousand five-hundred spectators. The tracks are hard packed earth, worn from years of use.  
They got a bit of everything in those stalls. My favorite had to be this one kid, they had rows of wooden carvings. Each one was of the winning dogs from the year before. The skills, I swear. You almost expect those figures to bark.
— Tourist regarding the merchant stalls
  The Stadium is often the first stop for tourists. Many people remark on the height of both the walls and the stands. Due to its time as the city's citadel, the building can seem quite imposing from the outside. Once inside, the welcoming atmosphere and general chaos put patrons at ease.

Purpose / Function

Built in the early days of Palladium, Sanctuary Stadium was once - as has been said twice now - the citadel. It is easily the oldest building in Sanctuary. When it was first built, the townsfolk would gather inside to protect themselves from the wildlife and any other major attacks. Those days are long gone. All local races take place at Stadium, but the Sanctuary Sprint is the one race everyone talks about. Making it to Sanctuary is a badge of honor, but win, and you go down in history.

Parent Location
City of Sanctuary

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