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VEILWAVE (veil-wave)


An Veilwave is a light display in the skies of Lavantia that are seen mainly in regions that have high elevations, appearing as brilliant dynamic patterns of lights. These patterns often take the form of rays, curtains, or flickers that persist in certain times each year. The color of Veilwave mainly takes on different shades of the color green, hence the name given of the phenomena. Veilwaves are often desired to be seen by onlookers from all over Lavanita, with people traveling to known high elevation areas during the Warm & Cold seasons each year to witness the event.


Veilwaves occur in areas on the veil itself that are known as “wave zones”, usually around high elevation locations such as mountains & hills. Veilwaves start as small patches of green waves that grow larger with each passing wave until they reach a peak size. Once that happens, sky will turn into a darker shade of green while filled with waves of green light appearing in sky. A Veilwave is formed at this moment, with various patterns of green waves repeating randomly for the entire duration. Veilwaves are completely separate from the dreaded Veilstorm, as a Veilwave is much more of a calmer event that does not result in destruction.


There are no real dangerous effects to the Veilwave as the phenomena only affects the parts of the veil. There are some effects of Veilwaves that affect only the calculation of time in various society. Due to its darkening the sky, nights come early as the days are shortened. There is also a “feeling” of peace that affects the local atmosphere, causing anyone in the vicinity to cease any hostile activity. People in the area have given accounts of simply feeling that they would rest in the moment, getting an sense of being re-invigorated while in the presence of Veilwave. No one is really sure as what causes such behavior to occur, although there are scholors and explorers looking into the answers.


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23 Aug, 2023 13:08

Nice! I'm guessing you were inspired by the Auroras (Borealis and/or Australis) here on earth, but yours seem to have magical properties as well! (And I'm guessing that they're not limited to polar regions?)   The gods of Randomness have chosen you and this article to be part of my 2023 Reading Challenge. Come see what I have to say about this and the other articles picked for my challenge

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Master Jdebro
James Debro
23 Aug, 2023 18:19

The Borealis was the main inspiration for this phenomena, yet I also wanted to do something a little different with Veilwaves. I don't want to say too much more as I would risk revealing spoilers that I prefer to keep hidden for now.