22nd day of Vakwix (Genesis of Birth), 5713

"A world of wonder and mystery awaits you. Do you dare to venture forth and uncover the many secrets that remain undiscovered? Do you dare to strike out into the world of Cretia and seek to affect the world around you?"
— MappingDragon

What is Cretia?

A thriving world of mystery and intrigue, dragons and magic, mythical villains and heroes. Cretia is a world that thrusts you into a fantastical setting where dragons rule with iron firsts, gods constantly meddling with the daily affairs of mortals, and more. Explore ancient tombs of fallen legends, battle monstrous beasts with a one-of-kind battle mechanic, weave stories of heroes and villains vying for control of the very world.   Grab your imagination and strike out into the world of Cretia, where you create a story of your own!

It all began with her.

There was nothing but the weave and Iouna who was existence itself, everything and nothing all at once. Iouna is the mother of all. She created Cretia and the first dragons, her energy can be felt throughout the very fabric of the world. Iouna is the arcane magic that you command at your fingertips; she is the air you breathe and the spirits that roam the lands.

Cretia is a world where dragons are commonplace and rule openly across the lands. A world where dragon riders clot the skies and the denizens take up arms for their dragon overlords and pantheon. A pantheon who are not just distant legends but meddle within the world and influence the movement of nations and war among themselves.

Cretia, a world where dragons rule and the laws are just. A world that will see kingdoms rise and fall, heroes born and die, and where the essence of the world shivers along the borrowed time.

Where to Start?

A good place to begin is the world primer, Introduction to Cretia!

Introduction to Cretia
Generic article | Feb 10, 2020

Campaign Setting

The goal of Creita is to be a published TTRPG system and setting that you can pick up in the store to enhance your tabletop experience with unique and exciting combat and story telling. Currently, the project is ramping up with the foundation of the setting, giving it the bare-bones needed to begin fleshing out the core mechanics of the system.   Cretia is also a Living World, where multiple campaigns in the world can affect Cretia itself and cause a butterfly effect to cascade across the other campaigns. This is aimed to enrich the experiences of the players and make the world feel more alive than ever before. A online event system will be established to push major updates to the setting across all registered campaigns!

Support Cretia

Do you want to be involved or contribute to Cretia? Want to help get Cretia to the next milestone? Support this project with patronage or donations, or share it with your friends! We appreciate any form of support, even just an encourage message means a lot.


Server Costs for the Year!

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