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Yictan Empire

Home of Man and of the Blade

The Yictan Empire is one of the most powerful countries in history. Due to its abundance of arable land and minerals it has let them dominate the North. It has the most land and an impressive navy this allows them to spread their influence across Crenzel. Not to mention was its Powerful army that was renowned for its use of Pole arms, swords, cavalry, siege engines, Dwarven war machines and it was even the first human empire to use Hell Spice in a military role. However it is known that some of the Yictan Empires higher ups are somewhat corrupt and incompetent at both leading and waging war. Nevertheless it is undeniable that the Yictan Empire is a Political, Economic and Military powerhouse that shall not fall anytime soon.


On top you have the Yictan Council Then you have the King Liyordin, Then you have several Advisers and Generals, Then you have Mayors, Businesses and Religious figures and finally you have the common folk.

Public Agenda

The main goal of the Yictan Empire is to be the best Empire to ever exist on Crenzel.


The Yictan Empire has access to vast amounts of Minerals, Arable land, Several population pools, Large coastline and the rivers Deep Yulmoc and Liycon, Several fortifications, Trade with essentially all nations on Crenzel, The largest military and a currency made of paper


The Yictan Empire is the oldest known human civilization dating back to the near beginning of Human History. But it was not always a great power it started as a tribe called the Yulcots.

Demography and Population

Most of the population is either on the Yulcotish Coast or the North East. The few who are not in these areas are usually in mining, logging or farming towns. As you can tell the 65.2 Million people in the Yictan Empire aren't very well divided across the land and most of them live in one place for their entire lives. Despite this travel and trade is very prevalent with the coastal cities trading with the northern mining and logging towns and Naraqfaz.


The Yictan Empire has control of most of the North but the Eastern regions aren't very 'loyal' and have been plagued with rebellions for a while some small others... not. But despite this the Yictan Empire is ever expanding such as its colonies in the Early Man Ocean. And it has remained peaceful ever since the 'peaceful' annexation of the islands and its inhabitants. Another controversial piece of land is the (place holder) which rebelled against the (place holder) government that was seized by mercenary forces. It is know being debated whether or not the land shall be annexed or returned to the (place holder) government.


The Yictan Empire's military is one of the biggest and arguably the best and has several Companies such as. The Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Auxiliary, Artillery, Mechanized, Gunner, Airship, Medical, Knight, Naval, Knight, Home Guard and Marine Companies. With such a large army a large command chain has to be issued to maintain the structure of them. Although higher ups are known not to be the most noble people and have even sold their ranks of. Nevertheless the Yictan Empire's military is a force to be reckoned with.

Technological Level

The Yictan Empire being one of the oldest civilizations have been skilled in Metal works, Construction and Sailing. This combination has allowed them to spread at tremendous rates across the north and beyond. To accomplish this the Yictan Empire is craving for the next invention domestic or foreign. This has lead to them using Catapults and Crossbows, Siege towers and Warships to even Bombs cannons and guns. The reason the Yictan Empire still uses swords and bows when they have guns and cannons is because of a special weapon called Hell Spice. Hell Spice is a substance made when you mix oil and the remains of demons from bones and marrow to flesh and organs if you can grind it it'll do.

Agriculture & Industry

The Yictan Empire is an industrial power that uses its Iron rich caves, (place holder) rich mountains and the extensive horse breeding. Because of these factors this lead to the Yictan Empire being very skilled with metal works and construction. Another skill of the Yictan Empire is their Navy they have the oldest and largest Navy in Crenzel. This had allowed them to rapidly colonize the Early Man Ocean.

Trade & Transport

Because of the size of the Yictan Empire a good infrastructure has to be maintained or else it would simply fall under its own weight. Because of this the Yictan Empire always craves for the newest form of transport either foreign or domestic. This has lead to them creating large road networks that connect the Empire, trade networks through rivers and coastal waters and even the Early Man Ocean, Limited use of Teleportation Circles (Only for travel of high society e.g. King, Council and Political figures) and even Airships. The Yictan Empire's trade is conducted all over using ships, caravans and airships (but most prominently ships).

Our blood runs thicker than any other, Our blades are sharper than any other... All who stand in our way shall be vanquished of the land.

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Home of Man
King Liyordin
Head of State
King Liyordin
Head of Government
King Liyordin
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
The official currency of the Yictan Empire is the Imperial Mark but the general currency Loti Coins are also accepted. The denominations for the Imperial Mark are 1,2,5,10,25,100,250,500 and 1,000. As you can tell by the large denominations the Imperial Mark is mostly used by businesses but because it's made of paper it is beginning to be used on a larger scale by the rest of the population.
Legislative Body
The Yictan Council write laws for the country and if the King or Queen want to suggest the law they have to send it to the council and they decide. The Yictan Council is made up of 50 seats with 20 to the middle class or common folk, 20 to the upper-middle class and above, 4 to the ruling monarch, 2 to preserving the rights of businesses, 2 to the 2 recognized major religions, 1 to Preserving foreign relations and 1 miscellaneous (The seat switches each year and is currently a socialist party).
Judicial Body
The people responsible for keeping the peace and enforcing the law are the Yictan Home Guard. Surprisingly the Home Guard isn't very well armed for Yictan Empire standards. And even were responsible for the religious uprising that happened hundreds of years ago.
Parent Organization
The Yictan Council
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities



They really don't like one another very much.

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