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King Liyordin

King James Yuloni Liyordin (a.k.a. Liyordin the wise)

king Liyordin is the current king of the Yictan Empire, he started as a general but after seeing what an absolute catastrophe it had become he decided to rise to the occasion and lead. he is a tall and strong man who likes to accumulate knowledge and learn new things. He's an open-minded man with a fairly modern view on war. He biggest achievement was turning the Yictan Empire into a pseudo constitutional monarchy. But with the weight of one of the biggest countries takes its toll on a man, and he has found unique ways to ease the weight of responsibility.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

King Liyordin is a strong and quick-witted king who has a tall muscular physique. He tends to talk in a booming, commanding voice when in political situations while in person he speaks more like a quirky dad.

Body Features

A muscular and tall physique with a large frame Liyordin has quite the body (I'm straight I swear). He has green eyes, blonde hair and white skin.

Facial Features

King Liyordin has a small blonde beard that he likes to grow out on occasion.

Identifying Characteristics

King Liyordin tends to walk tall and straight, while also wearing his signature blue, red, yellow and grey garments. He tends to walk with his ceremonial cane that has been used for centuries.

Apparel & Accessories

King Liyordin tends to dress in rich reds and blues, as red signifies his nobility and blue signifies his military history. Not to mention his assortment of golden jewellery and other embroidered apparel.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born eldest of three to the Lyctin family he was held to a position of power and wealth in the city of Yilron. With his wealth, he decided to rise through the political ranks of the Yictan Empire and become one of their most esteemed generals. Eventually, after a botched invasion of the south, he became king, his first act was to give more autonomy to the provinces and made the Yictan Empire into a constitutional monarchy.


As a member of the nobility class Liyordin has had an extensive education primarily consisting of history, literature, politics and military studies. After his education, he continued to learn in the military schools for advanced tactics, morale improvement strategies and war crimes!


He originally was a general in the military and had no interest in becoming a leader but after seeing the state of the Yictan Empire he knew someone had to rise to the occasion. His father was the current king and after his death, he created a pseudo constitutional monarchy at first it was very, very ineffective it was more like a king had a board of advisors. But over time the Yictan Empire actual had a branch that could oppose and even out rule the king himself.

Personality Characteristics


He just wants to see his country prosper.

Likes & Dislikes


  • The coast
  • Seeing his people
  • The color Blue
  • Bread
  • Watching his nation grow
  • Dictators
  • Religious extremist
  • Excessive abuse of power
  • Slave states
  • Elvish countries

Virtues & Personality perks

Has a kind heart and a keen mind, he tends to lend a hand to almost everybody.

Vices & Personality flaws

Naturally having the responsibility of one of the most powerful nations has its tools. To help ease the pressure of such a daunting task he had an affair with an unspecified amount of women.


King Liyordin likes to be clean so he has regular hygiene. But he tends to get quite dirty when he does his duties.


Religious Views

He believes in the standard pantheon of Crenzel.

Social Aptitude

Charismatic, Confident giant who's like to travel and meet people.

Hobbies & Pets

He likes long walks on the beach and overseeing military skirmishes.


King Liyordin has a very imposing tone when it comes to speaking.


Prince Baherq

Friends (Vital)

Towards King Liyordin




King Liyordin

Friends (Vital)

Towards Prince Baherq





The history between Prince Baherq and King Liyordin is as complicated as the relationship between the Yictan Empire and Naraqfaz. In summary they like each other in person but are opposed politically.

Relationship Reasoning

Since the two nations border each other some form of diplomatic relation ha to exist.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

They both have similar goals i.e to make sure their country prospered. And they both are opposed to the south but beyond that, they are just decent friends.

Shared Secrets

Prince Baherq suffers from alcoholism and King Liyordin has a child out of wedlock.

King Liyordin

Friendly (Vital)

Towards The Dilew Brothers




The Dilew Brothers

Friendly (Vital)

Towards King Liyordin





Since they are neighbouring countries some form of a relationship had to be made.

Wealth & Financial state

he's a rich king who doesn't flaunt his wealth, or be treated differently simply because he's a king.

Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of the Yictan Empire.
Circumstances of Birth
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Skin Tone
Quotes & Catchphrases
"You sir, are quite wise." -King Liyordin after loosing a game of cards
"Ladies, ladies please... I have a wife." -King Liyordin
"I only wish for the best in this country, even if it cost me my life." -King Liyordin
Aligned Organization
Yictan Empire
Other Affiliations

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