Shroomies are a small nature dragon species found on various islands in the Southern Archipelago and Etrea of Dracosei. They share a parasitic relationship with the fungi that grows on their heads.


Shroomies have a spherical body, with two arms and two legs. These legs are short, and don't allow the dragons to run particularly fast. On each foot are 4 small hooves. Their heads are large, and are so heavy that it's difficult for them to look up. They possess two large curved horns, and a beak that is very strong. The mushroom that grows on their heads are a different species depending on the dragon, which are completely rooted into their brains and controls some of their actions. Shroomy wings are very large too, and when not in use they fold up and wrap around their bodies, keeping them warm and out of the way. Their overall colouration is a light green, with darker splotches all over their bodies, and a yellowish tinge along their bellies.


Since their sense of sight is hindered for the most part, shroomies have adapted to use other senses more. They have phenomenal hearing, and it is practically impossible to sneak up on them. They also have a decent sense of smell, oddly something nature dragons don't.
Geographic Distribution
Botanic Bogs
Average Lifespan
20 years
Average Height
4 feet


Shroomies possess small pads on their feet that absorb nutrients directly from the ground. This ability is only seen in this species, and seems to be directly caused by the fungus that grows on their heads. The species as a whole is responsible for a lack of nutrients in forests, and in some areas are considered pests.


Shroomies are infected with mushrooms practically as soon as they are born. Mushroom spores are attracted to baby shroomies, and to help the process of morphing together, babies have a tiny hole in their head that is perfect for a spore to fit in. Over time the spore grows into a mushroom, its roots embedding itself into its brain, becoming a co-host.


Shroomies are found in a range of habitats, usually where brain-infusing fungi are found. Mostly found in the swamps of northern Etrea, they can also be found in almost every forest on the east side of the continent, as well as some islands close by like the Botanic Bogs.


Shroomies have been used as domesticated animals for just a handful of centuries. Some farmers enjoy adding spores to their foods for the extra flavour, and harvest the spores of the fungi that grow on these dragons. The shroomies are rewarded with the most nutrient rich soil on the planet, made from heaps of organic matter.


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Master EVTaurus
Valentine Myers
29 May, 2022 06:01

I love these, tiny lil' mushroom dragons! I'm curious, what would happen to a Shroomy if they were, perhaps for the sake of experimentation, hatched in an area without any mushroom spores? In say a desert, tundra, or even artificially sterile environment? Also, what are their senses like, given that they have this symbiotic relationship, but also are hindered in such a way that they can't look up most of the time?