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World Crafting

The art and science that is World Crafting is extremely difficult to comprehend for beings within those crafted worlds, for most will never know the beginning or end of their own crafting. It is a complex technology that may be used only by the most skilled of crafters. A very long time of learning is required, before even the first world can be built, and the aspiring crafter can see the first fruit of their efforts, in the life of their new world. However, the first world is only the beginning, and after its creation, a whole new dimension of opportunities opens up for the talented, and new things that have never yet been seen might arise from a passing thought.

  Bear in mind Attempting to Craft a world without the required knowledge carries a risk of explosion, serious injury, or complete local world malfunction. Do not attempt World Crafting without the proper tools.   *image, world on crafting bench*
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Can create worlds of absolutely any kind. Only limited by the skill and imagination of the specialist.


The process of World Crafting can be divided into 3 parts:
  • Equipment
  • Materials
  • The Crafting Proces


Needed equipment includes:
  • Workbench with a semi-atomizing locator (for holding the crafted world in place).
  • Goggles with autozoom down to 500 tikos (any crafters not using at least that amount of zoom might as well be working in pitch darkness).
  • Nanoscopic Poker (to initiate atomar movements and creating molecular modifications).
Of course, this is not the only useful equipment but merely what is strictly needed to begin World Crafting. Sonic Pincers, Microbe Initiators, and Lazer Knives are other useful tools in creating worlds according to the thoughts of the creator.
  *Equipment and materials lined up*
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Only two materials are truly needed:
  • Space Filler (the basic world content consisting of absolute nothingness)
  • Utskari (Material used to mark the very edge of the world and make it possible for the creator to look inside while keeping beings inside from looking out).
But of course those will create only a completely empty world consisting only of space. To fill the world with interesting components, more materials are needed. Some suggestions might be:
  • Solar Seeds (for all your flaming warm flashing core initiation needs).
  • Mass Dust (for anything that might need mass)
  • Physium (used to setup physical laws, different combinations for different effects).
  • Onda (for initiating the existence of beings).
Many other materials exist and accomplised World Crafters with one or more worlds on the shelf might even discover new materials for completely new and previously unseen effects.

The Crafting Process

Step 1: Creating an Empty World

Once all of the required and wanted equipment and materials have been acquired the crafting process can begin. The handling of space filler is one of the first and most difficult parts of the process. Later steps require precision work, but space filler is volatile without containment. The workbench locator and nanoscopic poker is used to carefully shape the space to the desired size and shape. It is then covered by Utskari and thereby sealed. The size and shape cannot be modified after this step, but the rest of the manufacturing process is a lot safer.

Step 2: Filling said World

With the world ready to be filled with anything the crafter desires, only imagination and precision are limiting factors of what the crafter might create with the available materials. Of course any modifications must happen at all levels of scale to maintain the integrity of the world, and as such the crafter must not only hold a high amount of information of all times, but also be able to execute the necessary actions with an extreme level of precision.

It has been hypothesized that this demanding nature of the profession could lead to a lack of capacity in other skills and thereby lead to personality changes over time. Others argue that crafters chose that exact line of work because that was their personality to begin with.
Access & Availability
Only available to specific individuals due to the difficulty of the craft. Only one known current master known as The Crafter.
Extremely complex and high demands for equipment and materials.
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