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Stormerki Main Building

The iconic main building of Stormerki International is located on the mountain side above the village. This building is used as the school symbol throughout the world and consists of:

  • Student Tower
  • Library
  • World Department
  • People Department
  • Action Department
  *insert schematic with pins showing where each is located*  

Student Tower

First part of the school to be built, the classical Student Tower is located in the front of the main building, left of the gate. This tower contains classrooms for the cubs (youngest students), the main hall and the heads office on the top floor. It has been built in the style of a classical castle tower apart from the large glass windows providing students in the main hall with view over student village and the rest of Learning Isle.
*insert Student Tower image*


This great Library in the center of the main building was inspired by a mundie lighthouse. The outsides is completely white and the top floor contains a large rotating lamp. When this lamp is lit, ships can make their way to Learning Isle, when it isn't the island will be nonlocatable and ships moving towards the island will enter a thick mist and sail right through it. Inside the building, a Mundie-inspired elevator has been built to transport students and books between different floors. Only students with the right permissions can be transported to floors containing advanced or restricted books.
  *insert Library image*

World Department

The World Department left of the gate is constructed with organic living plant segments, glass segments expanding into large greenhouses and metal geared segments with large chimneys leading to the laboratories, workshops and concoction chambers. These segments are all mixed in a seemingly chaotic piece of architecture, demonstrating the abilities of both Mundie and Magible skills and technologies which the school intend to mix for something bigger.
  *insert image of World Department*

People Department

The People Department is located opposite to the gate and behind the library. It is inspired by buildings of ancient Greece and Rome with large pillars on the front of the building facing the library. The pillars are all built in different style and matches the style of a vertical segment of the department building. Not many practical laboratories or other practical areas are needed in this department, so it is mostly filled with classrooms, wall scriptures and exhibitions of ancient texts.
  *insert image of People Department*

Action Department

The Action Department with is built with bright magically fortified walls. This is a place of duelling, magical sports, spellcasting and crafts. The fortified walls are made to contain little accidents as students explore the possibilities of their new learnings. It is surrounded by a flying practice loop and multiple duelling arenas has been built on the rooftop and covered by magical shield enchantments to prevent unwanted damage from rogue spells.
  *insert image of Action Department*

Purpose / Function

To educate young Magibles and lead them to tolerance and cooperative relationsships with Mundies, as well as the education of Mundies in the ways of magical society.

College / Academy
Parent Location
Learning Isle
Owning Organization
Stormerki International

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