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Stormerki International

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  International School of Magic located on a small island in Kattegat. Famous for their inclusive and cross national attitude as well as the on-site Mundie Center tasked with the screening and magical education of chosen Mundie Ambassadors. This school was the first to include Mundie students and teachers, the first being the famous Monty the Mundie, who taught mundie technology and social studies to Magible students, as well as magical laws and magible social studies to nonmagible students.
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Stormerki International owns Learning Isle and everything on it. This includes the following areas:  

Main Building

The iconic main building of Stormerki International is located on the mountain side above the village. This building is used as the school symbol throughout the world and consists of:
  • The classical Student Tower in the front, next to the gate with the new student classrooms, the main hall and the heads office on the top floor.
  • The great Library in the middle the construction of which was inspired by a mundie lighthouse.
  • The World Department left of the gate with organic living plant segments, glass segments and metal geared segments mixed in a seemingly chaotic piece of architecture
  • The People Department opposite to the gate behind the library, which is inspired by buildings of ancient Greece with large pillars on the front of the building facing the courtyard common to all of the main building departments.
  • The Action Department with the bright magically fortified walls surrounded a flying practice loop and with multiple duelling arenas on the rooftop.
Stormerki Main Building
Building / Landmark | Dec 12, 2018

The iconic main building of Stormerki International, including the student tower, library and world, action and peoples departments.


Student Village

The Student village surrounds the main building and houses dorms, living quarters, study areas and club houses.  

Harbour Town

Though the entire area is owned by the school, the town by the harbor is rented out to shopkeepers who make a living tending to the needs of the school and the students, by providing food, clothes, equipment, books and more.  

Mundie Center

This center located by the coast serves at the first arrival place and education center for Mundie Ambassadors as the school screens and teaches selected mundies about magic and magical society. The main school building as well as most of the rest of the island is not visible due to the huge cliff hovering over the center. Mundies showing potential might later go on excursions to the school and surrounding area.  

Educational Work Areas and Sanctuaries

The school area contains several educational work areas and creature and plant sanctuaries such as greenhouses, an observatory, forests, and beaches, which serve to both teach students and guests about the behavior, control and treatment of these specific species, but also as a means of protecting the species and preserve a source for the reintroduction of species in areas where they go extinct.  

Recreational Areas

Learning Isle is covered with recreational areas for students to study and relax between classes and on weekends. Of special note is the pagoda in the pond of the southeast, and the sports area in the western coast of the island. This sport area is equipped with 2 large stadiums for flying and taming contests and sports, as well as a variety of smaller stadiums, usually used by student teams to practice.  



Founded in 2032 as part of the Mundie Inclusion Act by headmistress Lady Pau who was a renowned diplomat at the time, an island created from scratch and named Learning Isle was created specifically for the purpose of hosting the Stormerki International school and its Mundie Center.  


The school was under construction for a long time before reaching the full size and capacity planned for the school. With the first constructed part being the student tower, new students could arrive and begin to learn before the more advanced classrooms had been built. Construction of the school proceeded quickly, and even though the buildings weren't completely finished, the Main Building was taken into use already in the spring of 2033. In the mean time independent business people were building harbor town and went into business by the beginning of the 2nd school year. The planned Mundie center opened for the first Mundie Ambassadors after many poilitical negotiations in 2035. In the meantime, most of the school grounds had been covered by vegetation and populated by magical species both for their protection and for educational purposes. The last things to be added were the sports grounds, where the main flying arena opened in 2037, at which point the first students were 5th years and led the newly formed school team into the very first Stormerki International Flying Tournament against teams from other schools.  


Over time, Stormerki International expanded to include students of other species and specialized classes for these special students. As the school grew, dorm and club houses gradually had to expand to keep up with demand, and a few classes were moved from the main building to specialized areas around the school. It also implemented a small primary school, which was shielded by a barrier from the older students. Primary school students did not stay at school overnight, but used 150 small established portals connected with cupboards in their homes within the building to travel between school and home. This would not be feasible to do for all students, so the rest of the student body continued to use the World Cruiser for busy travel days, such as first and last day of school.  


Life at school

The time at Stormerki is rarely forgotten after students graduate. Networks, friendships and connections persist into adult life due to the many shared memories.

A day at school

Students are required to stay at their dorm houses between midnight and 6 am. Breakfast is served between 7 and 8:30 am. Students at full schedule then have 3 classes before lunch, each an hour with 15 minute breaks in between. Lunch is then served 12:00 to 12:45, and followed by another 3 classes. Regular schedule then ends at 15:30, and dinner is served between 6 and 7 pm. During weekends, class is replaced with free time. During free time students might study, attend club meetings, have extra classes and detention or attend sport traning sessions or events.


Students begin as Cubs in their first 2 years. During these years they do not have electives but attend courses chosen for them according to their special needs and results from their arrival test. In these courses, students are introduced to school life and a mixed variety of courses from future years to give them the needed basis for later courses and an impression of different courses to be used for the selection of elective courses in future years. Students also recieve catch up courses teaching reading and basic math as well as proper manners to students missing those skills in the arrival test.

Year 3 to 7 are called the discovery years. In these years, students can choose from a large variety of courses. Some choose the minimum required amount to graduate, others as many as possible. Choices should be made with future intentions in mind, as certain professions and specializations require specific courses. However, should a wrong choice be made along the way, it is possible to choose courses from previous years and possibly increasing the workload. Such corrections should usually be made before the 6th year if advanced courses need to build on that course as well.

Students might choose to end their studies after the 7th year, or choose a specialization. The specialization takes 3 years to complete. [ h3]Houses *insert house symbols*
Students would be divided into houses where they would be sleeping, and often also eating and studying. Dorm houses were equipped with bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms exclusive to house members.
  Students arriving for their first 2 years always begin in the rookie dorm: the Treleon house of Cubs, which is led by a teacher specializing in learning techniques and the handling of children. Cubs cannot move freely around school as they do not yet have proper safety instructions, but are led to class by their assigned teacher and spend the rest of their time at the large Cubblers dorm.
  Students in their discovery years are divided into 5 houses based on their personalities, but the exact dividing algoritm is unknown. Upon arrival to the main hall on their first year, clothes and equipment will transform to match. The Discovery dorms are: the Corallos house of Fins, the Mudmuff house of Pebbles, the Adacia house of Leaves, the Cheerybird house of Beaks, and the Pyrospined Flamine house of Flames.
  Specializing students in their 8-10th years are divided into 3 new houses based on their choice of specialty. These are: the Eneve house of Actives, the Flubbermouth house of Humans, and the Enitad house of Scientists. Specialized dorms are the only ones directly connected to their respective departments.
*sub articles to come for each house describing/explaining quirks and symbols*  


Students are graded twice a year. Midterms are used for self evaluations and as such will not count towards anything by the end of school, but end of term finals from every year will be recorded on the graduation certificate and seen by future employers. These grades therefore might be vital for to obtain the dream job. The magical grading scale is made with 10 steps to allow easy conversion into other grading systems.
  • HS - Highly Superior
  • MS - Mostly Superior
  • HA - Highly Acceptable
  • MA - Mostly Acceptable
  • BA - Barely Acceptable
  • BU - Barely Unacceptable
  • MU - Mostly Unacceptable
  • HU - Highly Unacceptable
  • MI - Mostly Incompetent
  • HI - Highly Incompetent

The school year

*insert yearly calendar example here*
Students arrive at the end of August. They are transported to school using the World Cruiser.
In mid October, students have 1 week off during which most choose to stay at school. The few students travelling home go by portal.
End of October brings halloween and all hallows eve festivities.
Beginning of November brings Diwali festivities.
Midterms arrive by the beginning of December. Though midterm grades are not carried onto the graduate certificate, they are used to evaluate the exam difficulty and the individual levels of the students.
The end of December brings the new year break which lasts 2 weeks. Most students travel home and back during this break using the World Cruiser. Students staying as school participate in christmas and new years festivities.
In mid February, students have 1 week off during which most choose to stay at school. The few students travelling home go by portal.
End of February brings valentines festivities.
March brings Easter festivities.
Late May and June are times for the final exams of the year. Students are tested with written, oral and practical exams where each are relevant, and results will be displayed on their graduate certificates.
Students leave by the end of June, again using the World Cruiser.
  Moving Holidays
Eid al-Fitr which is celebrated at the end of Ramadan. (moves 11 days each year)
Eid Al-Adham. (also moves 11 days each year)
  *Note: Students are not given time off to practice specific religious holidays, but are free to practice any religion on-site. During relious holidays, the school provides decorations, special foods and might host special events (for which attendance is not mandatory for students).  


Classes have a wide variety of topics and are generally divided into theoretical lectures where students listen and take notes in a classroom, exhibitions where students watch the theory applied by observing specific creatures, artifacts and rituals, and practical lessons where students themselves perform the actions learned in class, such as spellcasting, concocting or flying.  



Accomplished Students

*Inventor of solar directing and enhancing equipment* *Student receiving straight HSs in all final exams*  

Legendary Rulebreakers

Chester Rexon (The Jester, symbolized by a jesters hat, engraved symbols remained on the school for more than 200 years) Gall Scant (Installed dangerous pranks in 2122-2129 and was eventually expelled. Most are believed to have been removed.)  

Famous Graduates

*prime minister of 2101* *recipient of peace nobel prize, 2244*  



Headmistresses and masters

Lady Pau
First headmistress and founder of Stormerki.  


Monty the Mundie
The Cubbler  

Other Staff

*famously clumsy janitor*


*Organization structure diagram here*
The school is lead by the headmistress or headmaster. Below the headmistress are the 3 department leaders, the head of staff, and the teacher in charge of the newest students. The 3 department leaders each have a group of teachers with student teaching assistants. Some teachers are responsible for specific houses of students. The youngest students are all led by the same teacher, who specializes in learning techniques and student guidance. The head of staff is in charge of all of the non-teaching staff, including cleaning, cooking and a variety of maintenance workers for the many creature and plant exhibits.

Public Agenda

Stormerki International intends to join nationalities, cultures, races and magibility types to strengthen cooperation between different social groups.


Stormerki owns all of Learning Isle and the buildings, creatures and plants on it. In addition the school owns quite a few patents, which are based on discoveries and inventions of students and staff.

Inclusive and Cooperative. Together we Proceed.

*Insert school symbol here*
Founding Date
Educational, School/Academy
Lady Pau
Learning Isle
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles
Related Ethnicities

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The first headmistress:
Lady Pau
Character | Jan 28, 2019

Visionary in the cooperation between magible nationalities and mundie societies. Founder of Stormerki International.

The main building:
Stormerki Main Building
Building / Landmark | Dec 12, 2018

The iconic main building of Stormerki International, including the student tower, library and world, action and peoples departments.

The school transport:
World Cruiser
Vehicle | Dec 31, 2018

The cruise ship transporting Stormerki students, staff, and guests to and from Learning Isle.

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