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Mundie Inclusion Act

After centuries of separation and immence amounts of work maintaining the complete separation of the magical and nonmagical worlds, the United Magibles' Association (UMA) agreed to reduce this strict separation by slowly including selected Mundies in Magible society and thereby easing mundie society back into the idea of magic being real.   *central figures at the signing of the act*

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Witch Burnings (Magisula) led to the complete separation of mundie and magible society for the protection of both sides. Extensive work and effort which took years to implement, completely hid all magical creatures and magical sites and peoples from the view of mundies. These measures required constant and heavy maintenance. In the middle of the 21st century, this need of magical society to remain separated to the sake of both sides was reevaluated. The United Magibles' Association (UMA) soon created the Mundie Inclusion Act to reduce costs for this purpose, as it was no longer deemed necessary. Mundies had evolved to become more inclusive, and it was believed, ready for reinclusion in magible society.  


This document kept at United Magibles' Association (UMA) headquarters contains reasons, methods and goals for the end of magible mundie separation.
Table of Contents:
  1. Reasons
    1. Economics
    2. Ethics
    3. Social
  2. Actions
    1. Initial Mundie Education
    2. Mundie Officials Negotiations
    3. Magic Reintroduction for Modern Mundie Society
    4. Unveiling of Magical Hidden Lifeforms and Mundie Reclimatization
  3. Success criteria and Milestones
    1. Main Goal
    2. Milestones
      1. Mundies Adapted to Magible Society
      2. Magical Creatures Unhidden
      3. Separation Completely Lifted


*legal paragraphs containing specific measures to be taken by involved parties divided by country, such as the establishment of Stormerki International*  


*Ethical considerations* *Main Goal*  


The signing of the Mundie Inclusion Act in 2029 had many supporters but also few powerful opponents from ancient magical families. Leading the signing was Lady Pau, the at the time famous diplomat, and later leading the reinclusion efforts as headmistress of Stormerki International. The United Magibles' Association (UMA) headquarters hosted the signing event which was well attended by international leaders.  


The Act had many supporters globally from all over the world. Not all countries had wished for the separation in the first place and were relieved to be able to relax the legislation and move resources elsewhere. Especially Chinese and African leaders embraced the idea, whereas American leaders were more hesitant. Some groups of magible society were particularly excited with the learning possibilities of Mundie society.  


Though few in number, many opponents of the act were of ancient magical families and had a lot of influence in magical society. These families did not want to share the power of magic with mundies and/or still had members remembering the times of the witch burnings. Some believe magic could corrupt the mundies and return them to violence and fear. Aside from the ancient families, a few associations such as the Salem Remembrals also opposed the reunification with mundies. These associations would typically express their dismay through violent demonstrations, whereas the ancient families would silently spread their influence within social circles and political connections.   *Salem Remembrals demonstrating against the signing and counter protest group*
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The Mundie Inclusion Act led to the Reunification in which Mundie and Magible societies merged. Ancient families lost a lot of influence, and some resistance and intolerance was encountered from mundies The transition period was several decades long and allowed most to get used to the idea of magic being real. The beginning of a cooperative relationsship between mundie and magible scholars led to the combination of magic and technology, in many cases using magic as a power source and technology for efficiency and durability. The mixed sciences of magic and technology led to many new inventions and technologies, significantly easing the lives of both mundies and magibles.   *The mundie education center at Stormerki International*
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The freeing of Magibles by slowly including Mundies into Magible society.


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Nice work Evi!

18 Dec, 2018 11:14

Except for a few typos like immence and maintining the article gives a solid description of the bill that was passed and goes into the details about it. This allows the reader to know fully about the act and also the links make it possible for the readers to fully get a grip of the document and mundies in general. Overall solid article and i like it