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Emberite Spark

This ability which can be performed only by Emberites induces feelings of passion and excitement in susceptible targets. The Emberite will seem to sparkle with joy, which will coincide with the sparking of flames of passion and excitement in the target. This excitement will get the Emberite even more excited, and the Emberite might perform this ability multiple times in a row for the sheer join of getting everyone excited.


The emberite spark induces strong feelings of passion and excitement in the target. Depending on the subconscious of the target, these feelings might be general or concern something specific. It might increase existing feelings, or seem completely new if the targets has a hidden passion. The emberite spark can only affect susceptible targets, as explained later.


During performance the emberite glows and expands slightly, with sparks flying around it. Targets may seem to glow as passion and excitement fills their hearts, but this is mainly the effects of smiles appearing on their faces and lights of excitement appearing in their eyes.   *Emberite performing the Emberite Spark*

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The ability draws on the excitement of the performing Emberite.


Emberites have always been making use of this ability, but it was not observed documented as an ability till 1530 when a farmer noticed the changed behavior in his children, when they were not even directly interacting with his Emberite pet. At the time, an Emberite was a very excotic pet. He noticed the change in behavior coinciding with sparks flying around the Emberite.

Related Deity/Higher Power
Qurilion Soulfire
Gestures & Ritual
The Emberite jumps in they air and does loops as part of performing this ability.
Related Element
Effect Duration
Effects last for several hours, being at its most powerful after approximately 15 minutes. Effects stack.
Effect Casting Time
Performance takes no more than 2-5 seconds.
The ability affects susceptible targets within 3 meters.
Even infant Emberites can perform this ability, though no other creature is able to.
Applied Restriction
The emberite spark is only effective on susceptible targets. A target is susceptible if they are already happy or at least content, and are not actively working against the feelings induced by the ability. As such, some individuals might seem immune if they are subconsiously denying feelings of passion and excitement. This percieved immunity might change over time or after psychological treatment. Others have personalities preventing the strong feelings of excitement and passion induced by the spark.

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