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This profession consists of people who travel out into the wilds, doing odd jobs for innkeepers or major quests given by kings and queens for fame and fortune. Jobs might include anything from fetching and gathering, to slaying and stealing. Adventurers often join together in Parties to increase chances of success, though this often means they must take bigger or riskier quests for everyone to make enough earnings.   *mixed team of adventurers travelling through forest*
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Adventurers are divided into classes based on their school of learning and fighting methods.  


Warriors usually use brute force, sharp weapons and direct attacks, though they might also be archers and other types of long ranged warriors. They typically specialize in specific ways of fighting and/or the use of specific weapon types.
Profession | Dec 30, 2018


Mages fight with spells and potions of all kinds, and typically specialize in a specific schools of magic. A few close range mages exist, but most are long range. They usually travel in parties, as they are quickly in trouble if an enemy gets close.
Profession | Dec 30, 2018


Rogues use stealth as their main weapon, this way they might even avoid fighting completely and still achieve their goals. They often do missions of theft and deceit and their method of fighting often includes backstabbing or sniping.
Profession | Dec 30, 2018


Clerics fight using aid from the gods. They often specialize in healing, but the nature of their skills depends on their deities on the path of life they follow.
Profession | Jan 28, 2019


Specialists have very specialized knowledge and skills making them good at specific kinds of battle or quests. They might be engineers, crafters, or have very specific abilities or skills. They often join other Adventurers for specific quests requiring their skill and knowledge, and are rarely great fighters themselves.
Profession | Dec 30, 2018



Often a graduate from the Adventure Academy of Ventura, most adventurers have basic survival skills and some kind of combat skills.

Career Progression

Adventurers start as beginners and they rise in rank as they gain renown and fame. Increased skill and renown is indicated by Adventurer's Badge material.   *badges in different materials in order of rank*

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Payment & Reimbursement

Payment depends on the size and nature of the quest. Some are paid in gold, others in services, and still others in goods.

Other Benefits

Every completed mission increases the renowm and fame of adventurers, increasing the amount of available quests, the trust of questgivers and the skill of the individual.



The adventurers gather difficult to obtain resources, kill troublesome creatures and perform tasks not needed enough for a full profession.

Social Status

In modern times adventuring was considered a noble profession, but before then it wasn't recognized and Adventurers were looked down upon even though they performed vital functions for society. The turning point was the Adventure Revolution.   *children running to a meet a party of adventurers as they enter the village*

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Before the Adventure Revolution, only one in 200 chose the path of the adventurer. The profession was not acknowledged as a proper profession at that time. Later, 8 out of 100 Roplan residents chose this profession.


In the beginning adventuring wasn't acknowledged as an actual profession. Youngsters heading off on adventures were considered crazy or odd, and they often had trouble finding work. They were looked down upon wherever they went, and generally only those working for evil enjoyed it, which further decreased the reputation of adventurers. After the Adventure Revolution, guilds were established and adventuring was acknowledged as a profession. It went from being an occupation of taboo to being desirable and dreamed about by children and youngsters all over Ropla.



Needed tools such as weapons depends on the class of the adventurer, but all need travelling gear such as a sleeping bag and a few cooking utilities.


Adventuring leads to many different workplaces, though it often requires the adventurer to go to places normally avoided by humans such as dark caves and deep forests.

Provided Services

Adventurers complete quests of any kind. Some might do any job available, others are picky. Jobs might including killing or stealing things. They might include protecting people or goods. They might include obtaining specific herbs or materials, or they might include running errands or destroying nests. Whatever the quest giver needs, there's usually an adventurer out there willing and capable.   *Adventurer fighting a beast in a cave*

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Dangers & Hazards

Adventuring often proves dangerous. The adventurer might be put up against a dangerous monster, travel in areas with poisonous wildlife, or in areas filled with criminals. They might be required to break the law and risk prison time as well.

Alternative Names
Explorer, Quester, Traveller, Mercenary, Freeloader. Many perspectives of adventurers over time led to many names.
Adventurers are needed everywhere on Ropla to perform dangerous tasks in hostile areas.
Adventuring in itself is perfectly legal. Performing quests involving illegal acts such as theft or murder is illegal, though some might take those jobs anyways.
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The event that led to their acknowledgement:
Adventure Revolution
Plot | Jan 28, 2019

Organisation of adventurers into guilds. Made "Adventurer" an acknowledged profession.

Proof of skill:
Adventurer's Badge
Item | Jan 28, 2019

Badge proving the adventuring skills of an adventurer.

The guild:
Adventurer's Guild
Organization | Jan 28, 2019

The guild to which all adventurers belong

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Great article! I personally liked that you went into a lot of detail about the various adventure classes and used links perfectly and this made for a great article. There isn’t much to describe about the adventurers as no two adventurers are same so despite it lacking some information it’s still a solid article. Also the use of links here was pretty nice and that was enough to earn my like. Keep up the good work!

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I liked how every class had a brief explanation and a subsequent article that went into further detail below it. My question: Is adventuring monitored and regulated? Meaning are there laws exclusive to adventurers and/or is some form of certification required? I understand that there are guilds and an academy, but to make a living do you need to be affiliated with either or both of them, or is it that anyone with a sword or a spellbook can call themselves an adventurer?