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Visible Rovers

Visible Rovers are given to the special, and brave, few L.S.C leaders who put themselves in the crossfire and make themselves more publicly known to the societies within Craesto Welk and especially the Craesto Authority.  

Insurgency Elements

The reason for this is simple: the Authority sees most of the Rovers as dangerous Insurgency elements that needs to be terminated, with extreme prejudice. This idea is however not something solely made up by the Authority to assert their authority, as quite a few Visible, in their effort to draw the spotlight unto them, makes several anti-Authority statements and might sometimes even be directly responsible for acts that borders on terrorism.  


After especially bad events, which might have led to a number of deaths, the L.S.C community banish the Visible, something that is seen as a death sentence. Interestingly enough, this banishing act of their has a slight chance of making the relationship between the Authority and the L.S.C momentarily better, if the damages wasn't too severe, that is.

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