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The Craesto Authority

The govermental body of Craesto Welk.

The Ever-Lasting Government

The Craesto Authority — shortened to simply the Authority in mundane speech — is the totalitarian governmental body that governs the megastructure, and has been for as long as anyone can remember. And if one where to search in the Records for an alternative answer, it would be in vain. For as far as the Records are concerned, the Authority has always been in power.  

The Fourth Council

Highest in its chain of command, lies the so-called Fourth Council. Its members are said to be the most politically powerful individuals in Craesto Welk. Officially, they are said to share that power equally among each other, but according to some very resilient rumors, the fourth member have supposedly the last say in important matters, no matter their nature.  

The higher authority

Other rumors speak of a even higher authority, but these are rarely mentioned in large public areas, as the fear of on-the-spot punishment — whether it be beatings or hefty fines, or both — is too great. This authority, which even the Council is said to kneel before, is Craesto herself.  

Exerting its authority

The Council have, over a long period of time, tried its hardest to exert its authority over the Lost Level, and especially the the Terrarian Levels hold great interest to them, as they are — usually — in a not too decrepit state. As such, they have focused a considerate amount of the Authority's resources to reclaim them.  

A deeper meaning behind the Lost Levels?

Fortunately for the Council and the Authority, Lost Levels are few in numbers and poses no immediate danger to them, nor the megastructure itself. And as things stand, according to the Records, Lost Levels has always been a thing, especially in regards to the Terrarian Levels, and many are those who wonder if they truly are created by accidental hydroponic system failure, or if there is something more intentional behind them? Maybe they are needed for some strange reason? maybe they are used as a means to hide something important and potentially dangerous? Maybe something that can cause the fall of the Authority?
These are usually some of the questions that drives a Lost Scavenger to explore what has presently become an enigma.

Ruling with an iron fist

The main reason for these suspicions and questions comes from the fact that the Craesto Authority's primary focus lies on ruling the so-called Urban Levels with a mighty iron fist, whose battle scars and political calluses are hidden behind a pristine, thin silk glove.

Safety and Stability

Government, Leadership
Alternative Names
The Oppresion
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy

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